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With Terry O'Quinn
First, you have to shave your head" is the life sentence to my great American novel life ---"Hair today.Gone tomorrow" Gone to Maui too. The best "career move" I ever made.

In the beginning, there was Michael. Jordan was the poster guy for the perfectly bald man. He made shaving cutting edge. He took "the shaved skull" from social outcast to rock star chick magnet status. The follicly challenged started doing the numbers . Shaved head= Shiny, Smooth and Sexy. You could count on being noticed.

Me no hair

Is bald beautiful? Perhaps. Is bald a high end haircut? Maybe. One thing for sure, Bald is a hair color. If you want to make the statement that says, I run my own life. Shave your head and join the Union!

Me no hair is a walking, breathing billboard and bullhorn that shouts, "I've got other plans"

Love Me. Love My Dog!
With Michael Emerson


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