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I like writing about my travels, but I don’t like the paperwork. So I blog It's digital narcissism.  Literature in a hurry, right? Write. I shoot pictures and videos: 

Welcome to the Hotel @nyware, located on Blogger, at the corner of Facebook and Twitter, right across from YouTuband Picasa 

Traveling is like shaving, If I'm NOT doing it everyday, I start to look like a bum.

Trees are poems the earth writes upon the sky, We fell them down and turn them into paper, That we may record our emptiness

Addicted to traveling” or for that matter “Addicted to all-non working activities” shouldn’t be  a new reason for self-hatred or a diagnosis, rather a pursuit like the arts and entertainment, that permit self-exploration and satisfy your psycho-social needs.

You see, in general, if a pastime is not classy, those who love it are labeled with the Dr Phil-Drew-Oprah Psycho Babble rhetoric of “addict.” Opera and Symphony  aficionados, on the other hand  are “passionate” and "driven".

 Loading the cultural dice in favor of “reality” over fantasy, we get the sense of   adventure beaten out of us when we ask ourselves the most irritating of the question words, “Why?”  Why do I have to live in the New York suburbs,where the weather sucks and the people are rude, and there is nothing to do? Then we just tune in turn  on the TV, and  drop out, watching one of the 1000 channels in a shared hallucination called the superstition of materialism, and fall asleep.

Then you get "The Call" and if you  wake up and answer it,  and you begin the Hero's Journey that Joseph Campbell talks about  in The Power Of Myth, with Bill Moyers, that PBS  video series that's a must for all seekers, and you follow your bliss-in most  cases your bliss follows you.

"There has never been a greater concentration
of intellectual power here on board since Ed Reif dined alone."
 I started to travel, as a pastime, on a shoe-string budget, labeled as a drifter, a bum, held in contempt by the  uninformed, and over educated who find themselves sinking into the everydayness of their lives. And I didn’t care. I just did it anyway. The Calvinists say work is prayer, so is permanent traveling.

In the old days, habits of cultural consumption like listening to jazz music all day and night were considered passions, or forever going to the movies or “The Theatre”, allowing   us to create new personalities and use them to fulfill unmet psychological needs. Come to think of it, I think I have an internet addiction too! Awesome.

Normally, you need three things to travel-Time, Money and Opportunity. It's the way of the cynic who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. On a ship, you have this maliginent optimism

It has never been about resources. You see, I am the Bobby Fisher of resourcefulness, the Cosmo Kramer of planning , the Curious George of predictable unpredictability. >note to self< Rock on man with the yellow hat, rock on.

No matter how low the budget bar gets, I always manage to limbo my way under it. If you think about it, I am the Wilt Chamberlain of shoe-string  travel. I'm putting up numbers so unthinkable that normals will never, ever reach them.-300 ports in 365 days.

Why Be A Man When You Can Be A Success?

Margaret Thatcher once said "Any man beyond the age of 26 , who rides a bus, should consider himself a failure." I would add to that, any man working on a cruise ship.
It's good to know, however, that failure IS always an option! What is success, but continued enthusiasm despite failure after failure. Read more
Pizza On Earth,
Good Will Towards 
Renaissance Man

As the Morgan Freeman of travel writers , if you will. Everyone recognizes me but I never gain any due recognition., Hotel @nyware hasn't exactly  been the Edgar Allen Poe of knock-outs, the Emily Dickinson of ground n pound, the Robert Frost of ass-kicking.

It's just me, born with a Ph.D. in throwing junk up against the wall, and seeing what will stick.Looking back, it's been the Colonel Kurtz of experiences. I've gone native and insane so many times, but in a Lance Armstrong Barbara Bush sort of way. Sometimes I am the census taker, sometimes, the cannibal psychiatrist.

All boats leak

I'm reminded when I was sailing The Mexican Riviera in 2010 and I had a thinking problem, not a drinking one. I've been to Mexico so many times and taken life with a grain of salt and a slice of lemon and a shot of tequila. You know when Tequila is talking.where you drink triple, see double and act single. It has a very distinctive voice. Sublime is no longer something I choke on after one. I' I've gone native in a Col Kurtz sort of way, drinking tequila, and sporting a Hecho in Mexico Straw Cowboy hat.

Cruising  is  better than normal in the Mexican Riviera. It is  abnormal. On a Carnival cruise  There is optimism and pessimism .. but most of all is alcoholism I've had my share of liquid vacations.

It's not a spectator sport for cruisers/boozers; but  a pay-per-view sport. And you  drop major coin on booze if you are a guest. For crew all-you-can-drink for $5.(on the ship).

Liquid Bread-Beer You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline - it helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer. The Cliff notes on Corona, the gold standard for Latin American lagers. Position in the beer category: Mexican Beer Slogan: Change your Latitude Mantra: Vacation, No Worries, Relax Corona's slogans (it has had so many) convey the feeling of the brand: vacation

A Carnival cruise inspires you  to think less about life and more about thongs. I heard one guest say "Nice legs, what time do they open". Brilliant.

On the ship being good-looking isn't a passport to success, it's a Visa for free drinks. 

And English – Who needs that? I'm never going to England! It’s purely Spanglish. 

Tourists will occasionally stumble over paradise in Cabo,   but most of the time they will pick themself up and continue on.Ah 

Time flys When You’re having Rum ,Tequila and Corona .

 Everyone likes a little ass, but no one likes a smart ass. 


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