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Cruise Control- I wrote this in my journal 8 years ago:

"I have been able to use my "relationship" with the sea  to accumulate knowledge and experiences,--- it's self-expansion, a  “Michelangelo effect,” that is sculpting me in  in ways that move me forward to  attain valued goals I have set for myself- like this statement: I haven't been everywhere, but it is on my list."

There is some comfort in the emptiness of the sea, no past, no future. The Last Samurai

Even making smaller story edits to our personal narratives can have a big impact on our life. 

What was days of "boredom" at sea followed by moments of hysteria can be reframed years later as a wild adventure and a kind of redemption story- with the takeaway being an attitude of gratitude for what has been given to me.

By taking the contradictary pieces of my life and placing them together into a narrative, I create a unified whole that allows me  to understand these experiences as relevant, coherent with meaning. This is highlighted in the realization that there is meaningful growth, communion and agency- actions that produce results. 

Yes I have taken the invisible and made it visable. I didnt just parachute on a World Cruise. It was first conceived in thought. I knew what I wanted. And then it somehow, against all odds, came to me. That is "The Secret" made popular years ago. It's about results not process. It works!


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