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When I landed in Rome, things started to take off. I was on a different plane. Avi-Navi-gation seems as natural to me as sending an e mail or going to Starbucks.I fold up my self and carry "me"around as if I were a gym bag. FCO Airport is is no exception.
Travelling well is an important part of living well. If you travel well, your trip becomes more memorable and more rewarding. I haven't been everywhere-but it is on my  list--and so is being a multinational soul, an AmeriCAN, not an AmeriCANT.

I couldn't do it on land alone. NYC or L.A., London and Tokyo were what I call "making the right mistakes" These adventures were nothing more than bad planning but useful nonetheless.  I needed to get consecrated @sea and that is what I have been doing for the last 7 years---Turning the slogan "Just Do it, to JUST DONE-ONCE AROUND WITHOUT LEAVING THE GROUND. 

I Myth You-Joseph Campbell

The AWE in Awesome was put back into May and June, and more importantly, I put the HE in Hero-as I continue on what Joseph Campbell articulates in The Power of Myth, as actually feeling the rapture of being alive. I have never sailed to The Arctic Circle- and now I can say "Just Done It!" Swish

Don’t RENT your life, OWN it. Live Your Dream(s) Now, not your Back-Up Plan

They call it Planet Earth but it's mostly covered in blue ocean. I took a 1hr train ride  to Civitavecchia,  the port of call for Holland America's Prinsendam, I was about to start on the first of Two Grand Voyages.

"Every day is a journey," wrote Basho, "and the journey itself is home." If the Zen poet hadn't said that more than 300 years ago, I would have. I am Basho on a frequent flyer pass, with complimentary mojo on take off.

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