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December has been a blast not from the past but the NOW- The Future ain't what it used to be. After visiting Tech in Motion @ Cross Campus in Santa Monica last Wednesday, the answer to the L.A.  questions what are you doing? no longer is "Working on a screenplay"---it's "I'm working on an AP" . I met some cool ppl from Zeel, an on demand massage service- Yep, you heard it right they are the Uber of that!
Seems like Booze Delivery
When you hook people with a lot of money and no time, with people with a lot of time and no money, you have the ODE-On Demand Economy. The smartphone is the REAL Remote Control to the YOUniverse.

Aps are sprouting up everywhere too  and  talked with the ppl from Sqyre.
Came across this poem on my twitter feed that captures the  Zeitgeist over here.

There’s Uber for dogs, And Uber for cats.
Need a hot stone massage? There’s an Uber for that.
An Uber for nailsAnd an Uber for news.
And while your nails dry, 
There’s an Uber for boozeThere’s an Uber for kids,

And an Uber for maids, There’s an Uber for hairSo you can Uber your braids.There’s Uber for bikes, And an Uber for gifting,
There’s an Uber for beauty, If your face needs a lifting.
If you don’t have a green thumb, There’s Uber for flowers,
With all of these Ubers, We could drone on for hours.

Character is doing what is right when no one is looking,
 but with on demand aps-its a two way street-
 You get reviewed by the service provider too! Glad I tipped him

#Uber connects you with a driver in minutes. It's an app for your mobile phone. There's a lot of companies in this space--and I decided to try the competition #Lyft, this week for the first time- My driver Moe was great.
The amazing thing is transparency- Not only do I know who the driver is and can rate him,  but he knows me-and in fact I got rated by him!

There’s an Uber for groceriesFor all lazy cookers,
And if you feel lonely, There’s an Uber for hookers.
There’s an Uber for potFor sticky green nugs,
And an Uber for cashTo pay for your drugs.
Between Uber for weed, And Uber for sex,
You name it, There’s likely an Uber for X.
So with startup reporters Facing ever tight deadlines,
Perhaps what we need Is an Uber for headlines


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