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 On The British Isles Cruise 8/20/09
Got Kilt?

Scotland the Brand verses Scotland The Brave
Auld Lang Syne ...Fields Of Gold...Better Days...

Just got back from The Scotch Whiskey Experience in Edinburgh. I believe I now possess Christ-like healing powers, thanks to the Angus Dundee Distillers and their Tomintoul 1976 Vintage.
The irrevocably Scottish kilts, the green landscapes. the whiskey, the Bagpipes, the Porridge, and guys like Malcom, Duncan and Macbeth, all were on tap AM; as the Fest and Furious get ready for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo tonight.
The Geeks Shall Inherit The Earth

Did not see a single red haired, surly, penny-pinching Highlander who speak a language I am not familiar with.
Homage to the most instantly recognisable Scot in the world ---BEAM ME UP SCOTTY, James Doohan, from Star Trek. P.B.U.H. I was channelling The Chief Engineer...

"The engine imbalance is what caused the worm-hole in the first place. It'll happen again if we don't fix it." Man that malt reeked. It was woopass! "I notice you're still working with polymers."
The Raw Feed---Alcoholic and pugilistic, Ah, the Scots! their favorite colour may be plaid, but I find them to be a happy lot. I'll sample the night life and see if they live up to and represent the PM---ill educated, drunk, foulmouthed and belligerent.


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