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The universe keeps a perfect set of books

If Hollywood is loneliness by the swimming pool, then cruising is solitude by the ocean; but that privacy helps me to develop amazing relationships, and an appreciation for the public and land. 

It's always a back-and-forth between Hell (is other people) and Heaven (exotic locations). But I go to heaven for the climate and hell for the company.

If you work on a boat, it is a gig that you must take "alone together," At sea, you are constantly flipping between retreating into yourself to recharge and going on stage and connecting.

Everyone has a photographic memory but not everyone needs film in their camera. We just need to be in FOCUS or the picture is not clear. By calming the mind, the sea seems infinite and you get this E=MC2 moment where-Time does not exist. That  place where eternity intersects time  is in the MOMENT.

Enlightenment Up!

Instant gratification takes too long—and being busy is the best way I know to waste time. I have wasted money and I have wasted time—You can always get money back, but time? Well, the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet until we  understand our lives as a kind of autobiography in the making. 

Money isn't the root of all evil, boredom is the root of all evil, a spiritual anorexia- the despairing refusal to be oneself. The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are, once you let go of the life you have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for you.

Success without fulfillment is failure and nothing fails like success. Knowing, begins with not-knowing but The Quest is in the questions I am asking myself---What is STILL unfulfilled in me?" "What haven't I STILL done?"

Freedom is not free

QA-Question Authority

The word authority comes from the word author: an authority is someone who authors our collective story, telling us what is “true.” We often tell ourselves these stories, take refuge in them  and become intimately acquainted with these narratives, but when we tell our own story—and write our own autobiography, we truly begin to live more consciously and unfold our own myth.

Mr. Ed-I Myth You

My wishbone is my backbone
Our lives are shaped — and occasionally misshaped — by the stories we tell about ourselves, and  the stories others tell about us. They inform the way we live, the way we think about ourselves and the way we feel.

Gossip is false intimacy- Yet what others think about us is none of our business. It's only by becoming intimately acquainted with these narratives — as they have been handed down from our families, our colleagues, our cultural backgrounds, our religious beliefs — that we can begin to live consciously and choose to choose our own path. 

Unless we understand our lives as this  kind of  living novel in the making, we're likely to take refuge in other people's stories, in ready-made and half-baked concepts, and in anachronistic dogmas of belief. After all, when you define me, you negate me--the real me is still waiting to join the ranks of the living if you,  join The Cult of the Amateur:signing up to somebody else’s belief system. This  is the easy way, and the easy way is the hardest way. 

 I am Gandhi and so can you—My life is my message. Turn Pro
My Attitude Is STILL
 getting me Altitude

It’s easy to create a cool experience. But it’s very hard to create a   cool lifestyle. The real test is: “What kind of a life does it create?”


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