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Ed's Back!

To live a pure unselfish life,
one must count nothing as one's own in the midst of abundance

F2F with Wayne's(Dyer) World

Making the decision to be free all starts with Enlightening up-- the recognition that we are facing the wrong way, outward instead of inward, moving from our insatiable need  and dis-ease for more, to an awareness of abundance; from a sense of ourselves as sinful and inferior, to an acceptance of ourselves as divine; from our hunger to achieve, to the detachment that brings true freedom.

"We've all been taught to look outside ourselves for sustenance -- to look beyond the self for power, love, prosperity, health, happiness and spiritual fulfillment. We've been conditioned to believe we get life's bounty from somewhere outside of ourselves. But it's possible to reverse our gaze from outward to inward. And when we do, we find an energy we've sensed but not previously identified."

"You have within yourself this power of transcendence over the ego-dominated life. You can turn around and face inward, directly contacting your spiritual nature. You can then live each of your days, regardless of what you may be doing, with the sense of bliss that comes from being on the path of your sacred quest."


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