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In Hindsight: The Past 3 February's 
Leading Off -The Helium Report From The Hong Kong Express in 2009; Next Shoveling Sunshine in 2011 sailing   The South Pacific, Finally in 2010, Riding The Garvey Train  in Ciudad de Puerto Rico… Im in Vegas now, thinking of Macau.They used to call it Asia's Monte Carlo, or the Las Vegas of the East. But this small territory – barely known to many in the USA, is  bigger than Vegas: four times bigger, to be precise.  
There's No Limit Like No Limit! in Money Heaven

Aircrafts (Metal) and Yachts are not the latest fad in Macau---Texas Hold'em is. China’s version of the Forbes list — the country now has 106 billionaires, second only to the U.S---were out throwing away their money on the house games this weekend, but poker is catching on.

There are some sick pots being taken down. Tonight, the Slumdog Chinese Millionaires of Hong Kong are playing deep stack poker 3 Mill. HK Behind them, a credit to conspicuous consumption and a What the F*ck attitude of the global financial crisis--- with a 7 Million Hong Kong Dollar pot just an hour ago, before I broke for the Hotel.

I'm staying across the street at the Grand Lisboa--the epitome of bling.In it's hey day, it was the greatest hotel Macau had to offer. Inspired by the lotus – Macau’s national flower, check out this photo, where I played a real Sunday night loose game and was up $600.
My hourly rate was $100 US an Hour.

Today I went to the Wynn, and played a $10 $20 no limit loose game and had a bluff fest. Got caught a few times, but I'm going back there now---It's Midnight!

I got a Wynn Poker Hat from the Floorman, and a great rate on a room., 1,750 HK Dollars. They usually charge -4, oo0. Might stay there tomorrow.

They say it's the best kept secrets but you know me...I can't keep one.
Second is, February 2011: I  was in the middle of the South Pacific in: Rarotonga, Cook Islands-Come  As A Guest, Leave As A Friend.

In  February 2010 around this time:

Oh by the way, which one's Pink?

Third-Hand Smoker, Second-Hand Smoker-- I graduated today to first-hand smoker.

I didn't inhale, varaiation of the Bill Clinton Mea Culpa

 When I was in San Juan, I experimented with cigars a time or two, and I didn't like it. I didn't inhale and never tried it again." –Ed Reif

 I would like to thank Pedro Pablo Peña, from Old San Juan, who took a chance on an unknown  Vegan/ Endurance athlete with off-the-chain VO2max scores, and sold him his first El Borinqueño cigar

I accept the  the  Phillip Morris Throat Kazoo Newbie Award , in a COPD  tobacco catagory in the name of all  those who have given there time, money and lives to the industry!

In February 2009 around this time, I just left The Kingdom, and headed to Macau:Winning at The Wynn in Macau-The Wealth Report
What happens in Vegas now happens in Macau 澳門威尼斯人

Sweet Desert Rose
I'm coming out of my cage
And I've been doing just fine
Gotta gotta gotta be down
Because I want it all


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