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No Pine In PineApple


Big Slick
Ah Suva!, from sea you  looks  so promising, despite the oil slick (right), but in town, it looks like paradise has  committed suicide. I thought cyclone season was over.
This is like if that Biggie Smalls rapper met the Afghan Kush,and they had a baby.

Many are cold but few are frozen
I don’t take issue with being the Morgan Freeman of travel bloggers, never getting the due respect I deserve. After all,   “Sweet dreams are made of these-traveled the world and the seven seas”---this is  as huge in a Lebron James but as annoying in a Rob Lowe sort of way. 

Meet Your Meat

“Ed Reif is the Wilt Chamberlin of the high seas, putting up ports of call numbers so high that mere tourist could never come close.” Ed’s Mom Maria Reif
It is what it is yet  my  definition of is makes me feel like the Tupac of Paradise’s  Found to the extent that I’m expected to come up with fresh new ideas about the same places I have visited after they have long been cryogenically frozen in world wide web oblivion of this blog.

This recent South Pacific run, the   Tahitian Treasure   28 days voyage , went on a cocaine binge today,   jacked a Benz and crashed into a pole. That’s bad, right?  The Fiji Islands are nothing more than the Paris Hilton of paradises, not the best looking but certainly the most photographed for travel brochures.
On the other hand, Bora Bora is so amazing that I want to shelter it so it can live a normal island style life, away from the paparazzi. I want French Polynesia’s  Bora Bora  to be the Suri Cruise of islands.
 Bora Bora H. Christ should be a common exclamation. Get on it humanity!
Oh well, at least they have awesome fruit and veggies.

Pigs Can Fly


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