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Hi, I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC.
Why don't you have a seat over there?
When I think of Dateline , I think of Gotcha Journalism and the internet verses the inter-not-Here in Tonga.

This  is the International Dateline,  where time starts-Actually it's more like time standing still-one long day. No  Starbucks, no wireless, the world wide wait. I've been trying for some time to develop a lifestyle that doesn't require my presence and I think I have found the place-at sea!

Don't worry be happy

The Internet isn't the most powerful magnifier of slack ever invented, living on one of these islands is-the heat, the sun, the sea, Manyana never comes.Pass the poi.


Morning coffee and a jog around the deck

Perception of Time & Priorities: Polychronic vs. Monochronic- Doing one thing right at a time_ verses doing many things at once. Changing plans often and easily distracted, I need to get a tribal tatoo cause I'd fit right in.

The last time I had a clock iin my blog was when I visited the traveling Dali Collection in St Tropez September 14th, 2009. I wrote:

Hello Dali
I am really digging this world tour--It reminded me of Dali, when he said "There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction."

So it seemed only appropriate that I go to a Salvador Dali Exhibition in Saint Tropez today. He knew both sides because he was both sides. Quotable Dali:

"The only difference between me and a madman is that I am not mad."
"I don't do drugs. I am drugs."
Tuning in, Turning on, Dropping off the planet for a few minutes with The Dali Lhama...


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