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New York and I have decided to see other people- I Love (French)Bread too

 Charles de Gaulle said  "How can you govern a country which has two hundred and forty-six varieties of cheese ?"  but when it comes to bread everyone in France, and even its loyalty  islands like Noumea agree-there’s only one, Baguette, We call it French Bread, but all the bread in Nouvelle-Calédonie is French 

Sure the whiter the bread, the quicker you’re dead, but there is this thing called the French Paradox-basically you have a grace period for your entire life where you can drink,eat smoke whatever and whenever you like, and then one day, you die peacefully in your sleep at the age of eighty-to ninety something.  

Pig Farming In The Tropics (Fiji)

The D word-diets are like airplanes- I don't like to be on them-so I have been eating less  and enjoying it more. I have even began eating Ham and Eggs--: a days work for a chicken; a life time commitment for the  pig. Inspired by my recent visit to the island of Dravuni where I really did "Meet My Meat".

Had a  Chocolate Butter-croissants too..

The Butterfly Effect


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