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Ship Shape

Windows 2011

Tranquility Base-The Ego Has Landed-
It would be a lot easier in today’s high tech world, where Google is God, to create a lunar landing, or for that matter, fake a trip Around The World In 80 Minutes by simply posting cut and pasted blog trip reports on Hotel@nyware, YouTube FB and Twitter. Call it Internet Explorer  2.0, an analog world but a digital life. My  future is not what it used to be. And this is largely because, like my  future, my changes are not what they used to be. In 1985 when I lived in Belgium, I used Snail Mail and POTS, Plain Old Telephone Services. Things moved slowly.

I used to joke that-I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list—Now, I can cross everywhere off my list  (with the exception of certain places in South America like Brazil and Argentina). Traveling by cruise ship, visiting  15 countries every 30 days is probably the only way I could have done it. Age 40 was the old age of youth, and 50 is the youth of old age—while I am still in relatively ship shape.

Around The World in 110 Days
  JFK wanted to put a man on the moon. My vision is to put every American man and woman  on a  World Cruise and prove their  world is flat  while  everyone elses  world is round!

London's Calling. Gotta Go Almost a year to date, I am back in the UK in 2 days

My World is Flat

What do Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco da Gama,  Henry The Navigator and Ed Reif  all have in common?  We  all stayed at a Holiday Inn? Perhaps. We saved a ton of money onour car insurance by switching to Geiko?  Maybe.  We all circumnavigated  the globe, especially by water?
Sure I take credit for being a sailor, once around without leaving the ground. What a place to end the chapter, not the book, in the little country that discovered the world is round- Portugal. Yet, As I get my Freakonomics on, I have to say, truely, there is a global supermarket, and the internet shatters time and space,  and my world is flat. Information is  the "new" currency.

Bits verses Atoms

With electronic immigrants, however  outsourced from India  and  the billions of ppl that live on less than $2 a day  doing  piece-work  in  sweat-shops  or agro fields in the name of Wal-Mart and "Stuff", the world is not flat for these guys, it's still  round. 


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