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Why be a man when you can be a success? Self Presentation 2.0
.A narcissist used to be  someone better looking than you are.Yet what is the internet, if not a narcissist's dream come true?  JBI- Just Be It!

Digital  Narcisism or shared experience?  Everyone will be famous for 15 megabytes. Er I mean 15 people, 

Authorship is no longer the transmission of experience, but rather the construction of utterly personal experiences. Telling your own story plus technology control the editing rooms and you get to run your own show.

For a long time now, the United States of Unconsciousness   has seemed like a country where most people stared at TV, most of the time. But only recently after my YouTube Epiphany  video on The Carnival Splendor went network on ABC with over 22,000 unique hits in 48 hours, did I notice that it is also a country where television watches us. (GMA's Amanda Keegan sent me a gmail, as well as  Nightline Producer Ben Newman who sent me this e mail 5 minutes after I loaded on my youtube channel:

Hi Ed -- I'm a producer for ABC News Nightline. Would love to use some of your 'home-video' shot aboard the Carnival Splendor in tonight's show.  Send me an email or give me a call!...
Latter after I scanned a release-
Hey Ed -- wanted to thank you again for returning my call. Great to talk to you. Can we just confirm in writing what we spoke about over the phone re: using your web videos etc along with an on-screen credit to Also – please send me any links to new media you upload. Would love to see what you documented!

The future won't be 500 channels -- it will be one channel, your channel. UGC, User Generated Content- the expression of our many virtual selves, is not a Nike Commercial "just do it,"  predicting the present  will be built much more around "just be it".

 I started as a  Twitter Cell Phone Novelist. Now I am posting stuff to Facebook regularly and of course here at Blogger and Hotel @nyware- After visiting Versailles, I wonder what it would be like not to live in a house of mirrors, evereywhere I go being reminded of myself. -These days I skip through life; twenty years ago I was  dragged through it. I sometimes wonder whether we are moving through time of time is moving through us. 


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