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How To Recognize The Future When It Lands Right On You.

ABC Nightline
Bud Light Salutes Mr. Blogger-You Tube Cruise Ship Guy with a cellphone camera and access to wireless.Yes, you. Mr Cruise Ship Guy, You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world, master of the Youniverse Mr. Real Man of Genius.
I have seen the future and it works!

My cellphone is my credential, my ABC press corp pass, My  thirty  something years in-the- the trenches-experience. Mr. Cruise ship guy will be Professor Emeritus and guest speaker at Columbia' Graduate School Of Journalism next semester, and hosting an upcoming Larry King Live on CNN to discuss his "Let's Make Sausage" the tipping point moment of Citizen Journalism.

You see, you don't have to be a navaho code breaker to use a cell phone. Just post something to Youtube.

An I for An I- From Bradcasting to Narrowcasting.We don't watch tv, tv watches us

Good Morning America

The world has always been seen through different I's, people who made a difference all had their own library of three minute user-generated videos, filmed by participants in the events.

First, there were handheld videos cameras that captured history- The Zapruder film, the most complete real-time version of the Kennedy assassination, and L.A where they treat(ed) everyone like a king, Rodney King. Now, The Carnival Splendor will have 3,500 video and  still images to document our "dead in the water" staycation, including mine.


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