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Headlines-Q Balls by choice

In the beginning, there was Michael.Jordan was the poster guy for the perfectly bald man. He made shaving cutting edge.

He took 'the shaved skull' from social outcast to rock star chick magnet status. The follicly challenged started doing the numbers .

Shaved head= Shiny, Smooth and Sexy. You could count on being noticed.

Me no hair

Is bald beautiful? Perhaps. Is bald a high end haircut? Maybe. One thing for sure, Bald is a hair color. If you want to make the statement that says, I run my own life. Shave your head and join the Union!

Me no hair is a walking, breathing billboard and bullhorn that shouts, "I've got other plans" to the "Have a nice day" retail speak, and the SNL's (Saturday Night Live's) flight attendant "Ba-Bye" sketch.

Be Brave and Shave!

"Getting Kojack-ed" was made popular by 1970's TV star, Telly Savalas. Who loves ya baby? We do---the perfectly bald.

Yul Brynner was the quintessential Fuzzy Wuzzy when it wasn't (very) fuzzy. to "go all the way", back in the day, when Mr Clean, a household brand was the only game in town. Now we have MiliTerry O'Quinn.

We have yet to see a celebrity call a press conference to deny they are wearing a wig (David "Weave" Roth did it on radio). If indeed, there were such a day, Sir Elton John, William Shatner, and my all-time favorite, Burt Reynolds, would have what ---I Love Lucy's Ricky Ricardo--- would say, have some "splaning to do". The Donald's cover up has an honorable mention for all of its dishonesty. Rosie trumped that.

Life is too short for hair. In fact, a BBC survey says men who shave every day have a lesser chance of stroke than those who shave infrequently We are not skinheads, or Chemo patients, but would we shave our head for cancer, research, a cause? You know, get people to sponsor you, and the biggest donor gets the honor of the first cut.

Nowadays, Celebrities,
Politicians, Athletes, and folks just like us are all saying, "Me No Hair".The ten "baldies" you H8 or dig in this world---who are they? Post your comments here at Hotel @nyware. If you need any ideas, check out my jumpcut music video.

We, the "young and the ruthless" who were growing too tall for our hair, started conformin
g to the idea that we could be running our own show; and rebelling against the $2 Billion Dollar hair "restoration" industry of plugs, rugs and drugs.

The tragedy really was not in something that was, but in something that wasn't. Drinking the kool-aid of late-night infomercials that going "hair-free" cost too much was bunk. The fear merchants put the con back in confidence with "Wayne's World"-style public access shows and 1-800 numbers.

They tried to make us afraid, and take away the "pain", the pain of once parted hair that now was de-parting, cutting "itself". As if it was happening to us, and keeping us separated from looking good. It was just exchanging an I for an I, and keeping us blind to the fact that hair "loss" is no loss at all, and, more than that, the upside of shaving it all off, is all gains, in street cred and social and spiritual capital.

Then Of Course, there is Dr Evil--

The details of my life are quite inconsequential... very well, where do I begin? My father was a relentlessly self-improving boulangerie owner from Belgium with low grade narcolepsy and a penchant for buggery...


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