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Bet $100, Win+2100 On The Gold Standard

The secret of staying young isn't lying about your age---it's eating Blueberries. Telling lies and getting paid, Jamie Gold is tracking +2100 on the Who Is Alive
and Who Is Dead By Midnight tonight.
The former WSOP Champ is bankable.

Me and My Big Mike The Mouth Matusow, despite the years of unprotected sex and
drugs and rock and rolla, Mike's winning of the $100,000 weight
loss bet with Ted Forrest tracks in at +1400 in the World Series of Sobriety.

If you are a fat poker player, you have twice as much chance at dying before 50.

The Gastric Bypass Category for Bariatric Excellence goes to @RWILLIAMSONIII
rocketing to the Death Pool +450. (Before and After On Right)

Although @TexDolly is Living Strong at +1000, The Professor @HowardHLederer is looking a lot more grim than Doyle in today's $40K and tracks @ +850. He may have passed the test, but could fail the class as the Earth School
kills all of its students.

Here's a nice after and before bari of Thomas THUNDER Keller weighing in at +1500 on the Poker You Bet Their Life Death Pool.

@barrygreenstein not a post Bari, is tracking +900 thanks to Tom Durr
Dwan's GSN Skoolin'. Chris Fergie weighs in +1700 and looks like he'll live to fight another day.

The Stu Unger Pedal to The Metal ODD JACK Category has @DutchBoyd and @Mariaho on suicide watch with +750.
@backtobackflack is off the chain +950. Bluehorseshoe love Adam Levy @roothlus+600 along with
Eskimo Clark(Pictured LEFT looking gaunt) +450 and flatlining as he sells his spinal fluid and blood to make the WSOP $1K Stimulus Package Buy In.

The Uni bomber Phil Laak is bankable at +1200, A Breakup with Jen Tilly however could land him into rehab and a slot on the Unger Odd Jack list.

Only The Good (DON'T) Die Young-- @ Annette_15 tilts the Reif Poker Death Pool Scale at +4500, thanks to heaps of Norweigian Cold Liver Oil, and a happy childhood.

The Twitter Poker Death Pool: Jump IN @edreif

  1. Hair today gone tomorrow: Mike Sexton gets his own piece of heaven +750 On the clock The 24 hour Poker Death Pool. Jump In! @wptliveupdates
  2. The Poker 24 Death Pool: Jump In! Bet$100,Win: @vanessarousso +2100 @TiffnyMichelle +1500 Mike Caro +550 Farrah Fawcett capped +300
  3. On The clock:The 24 Hour Poker Death List: You bet their life: @howardhlederer off life support tracking +850 @eskimoclark on swoll +450
  4. Celebrity Poker Death Watch:Bet their life: @back2backflacktracking @ +900 @BJNemeth +1500 @roothlus +400 Bluehorseshoe loves Adam Levy!
  5. You bet their life @realkidpoker tracking @ +2200 @texdolly+1000 @Andy_Bloch +2500 @eskimoclark +450 Suicide Watch: @dutchboyd @mariaho ...
  6. Jump In The Celebrity Poker Death Pool. The water is GR8! Who's alive and who's dead by Midnight tonight. Bluehorseshoe loves RwilliamsIII
  7. RwilliamsIII rockets to the top of Celebrity Poker Death Watch! Pays out +375 for Every $100
  8. Celebrity Poker Fatties Death Watch: Thomas Thunder Keller (the guy who got his stomach stapled) +2000 Greg Raymer +850 Allan Meltzer+600
  9. Celeb Poker Death Race: Bariatric Catagory: @Howardhlederertracking +850 verses @RWILLIAMSONIII+375
  10. Celeb Poker Death Race Sports Book: @Texdolly tracking @+1000 @Howardhlederer +850 @joesebok +2500, @dwpoker+2000 @brokelivingJRB +1500
  11. Celebrity Death Race: @TEXdolly tracking @ +1000, Farrah Fawcett +300, @Swayzo +350 Mandela+750 Bluehorseshoe loves Farrah!

OVER AND OUT Looking for feedback: Rate these players: How much TOE, Time On Earth, do these players have?
@andy_bloch - Andy Bloch +2500
@HowardHLederer - Howard Lederer +850
@Kwickfish - Paul Wasicka +1100
@TheMouthMatusow - Mike Matusow +1600
@TexDolly - Doyle Brunson +1000
@gavin123456 - Gavin Griffin +750
@Theshadow88 - Jerry Yang +1100
@kellyarmentrout - Kelly Armentrout +750
@RWILLIAMSONIII - Robert Williamson III +450 (On Swoll)
@ShannonElizab - Shannon Elizabeth+1900
@ToddBrunson - Todd Brunson +650
@jvfricke - Jimmy Fricke+1200
@JustinBonomo - Justin Bonomo+900
@BrokeLivingJRB - Jean-Robert Bellande +1500
@amak316 - Amit Makhija +900
@daveulliott - Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott +500
@TBerglund - Thomas Berglund +600
@TomdurrrrDwan - Tom "durrrr" Dwan +850
@yellowsub86 - Jeff Williams +750
@MarcelLuske - Marcel Luske+ 450
@Erik_Seidel - Erik Seidel +500
@Kenna_James - Kenna James +1000
The Twitter Poker Death Pool: Jump IN @edreif


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