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A Guy named Phil will win the LAPC Today! HELL-MOOTH Vs Ivey

The dogs of kitsch are at it again--this time at the LA Poker Classic--silly movie stars in disguise, with their sunglasses and Moneymaker Freshman 15 Chubbyness--Karaoke Poker--the bottom of the barrel, cheap imitations of the two original Phil's, Helmuth and Ivey, who will be going to the Final table for a WPT title. The cream does rise to the top.

Anyone with a few drinks in them can belt out Sinatra's My Way---AK Preflop all-in insta shove, against any big pair--a coin flip at best. Even Helmuth did against Ivey's AA, to give up the chip lead.

Here are the official chip counts for today's historic World Poker Tour final table, scheduled to start at 5:00 pm PT:
Seat 1. Quinn Do - 1,450,000Seat 2. Nam Le - 1,180,000Seat 3. Phil Hellmuth - 2,380,000Seat 4. Phil Ivey - 4,100,000Seat 5. Charles Moore - 1,510,000Seat 6. Scott Montgomery - 2,680,000

Phil-Ubiquitous-Helmuth-The Next Paris Hilton-He's Everywhere!

It brings me back to 2006. Bob Reif, my brother, was playing in a celebrity poker event at Sundance. Bob finished 9th! He gets props for putting Phil on tilt!

Let me set the stage:I was at a $1/$2? NLH game at The Hustler casino. My cell phone rings. I take the call. It's Bob, from Park City, Utah. He says, "I want you to say Hi to somebody".

Helmuth says to me. "Your brother just sucked out on me. I had trip Kings against his pocket 8's and he rivered a full house".

I said, "He pulled a Gus Hansen,"

Phil said, "Yea but his table talk is more like Mike The Mouth!"

Phil was cool about his "bad beat". He shoved with the best hand, and got his money in good.

In a typical Phil ephiphany, he reminded me , "If it wasn't for luck, I'd be the best player on the planet".

Er which planet is that Phil, Uranus---maybe a name change would be in order.

By the way, the prize at Sundance was a $700,000 condo, to be built at the W Vegas Hotel in late 2008. Phil won it all! tasking out Annie Duke, Chris Masterson, Shannon Elizabeth, Gina Gershon, W Las Vegas Hotel, Casino and Residences founder Reagan Silber.

Phil may not be in Who's who, but he can tell you what's what---about Poker!

Phil is the hardest working man in poker--the James Brown and Paris Hilton- of Poker- his fantasy camp called Camp Hellmuth, a London-based reality show, and the U.S.-based Best Damn Poker show on FSN; the "Phil Hellmuth" clothing line to be sold in Wal-Mart, a kid's clothing line not surprisingly called "Poker Brat"; a stake in CardPlayer magazine. Phil's got his UB poker blog, and finally, a movie about his life called "The Madison Kid" that may or may not star Kid Vader himself, Hayden Christiansen is in pre- production.


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