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The Oracle: Professor Charles-Kingsfield-Nesson's Mashed Up Pulp-Free Poker Chase--- Get your BS in Holdem-"Pimp My Harvard"

Harvard Law School, the West Point of capitalism, has a little creative destruction going on at Roscoe Pound 's new student-led Poker Strategic Thinking Society (GPSTS), led by the mad hatter-- Professor Chuckles Nesson , the Crimson's own human hangover.Here he is putting a spin on the Confucian Idea: Give a man a fish you teach him for a day; teach him how to play poker, you don't have to teach him anything! The devil's advocate advocating for the devil---online gambling! Yea baby... Oh behave Gnarles.
A great many people think they are thinking about poker when they are merely rearranging their bad habits. Part card sharks, part Mother Teresas’ it’s still nice to see the education outreach of legal elite F.O.P. Friend of Poker- Alan Dershowitz ; AND Charlie Nesson , a tweeds-to-riches—Crimson Prof high on silicon crack. The Alan and Charlie show are in a tag team steel cage smack down match against the “Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act”(UIGEA) and the powers that be. barring U.S. banks from transferring money to online gaming companies. Gaming Law is in Vogue-and they are ready to take a bite of the apple. a once forbidden fruit.
It's so pre 9/11: Committing jihad on our basic life, liberty and the pursuit of a fast buck--- The assumption that gambling is bad has outlived its usefulness. Now anyone can do it with complete ease, because it means nothing at all, thanks to the CNN effect of dealing with everywhere and everything at once-Props to Full Tilt, Poker Stars and Bodog! and the acronyms--WPT and WSOP and GSN. When you start to read about the evils of NLH, you have to give up only one thing--- reading. Get smart watch TV---Get your Ph.D. in No Limit From ESPN's WSOP coverage, Get your license to thrills with WPT and GSN's High Stakes Poker.
Few things are harder to put up with than a good example--- If it wasn't for pimps, prostitutes, hustlers, gangsters there wouldn't be any No Limit Poker as we know it today. There was a time when one could almost be afraid to call himself a poker player because it meant so much, now it means so little. You are not keeping up with the Joneses. You’re dragging them down to your level on the green felt jungle.
White Angry Holdem--Listen up---Poker is the new golf, the new dude sport, so, relax and lower your standards. Former Senator Alfonso D'Amato, now chairman and chief spokesperson/lobbyist for the Poker Player's Alliance (PPA), along with Florida State Representative Robert Wexler have!


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  1. Anonymous says:


    I saw your post on another blog and figured I'd give you a headsup about a WPT giveaway I'm running this year.

    You can win a weeklong vacation in the Bahamas, training from the pro's and a shot at 10 WPT buyins plus $10,000 in cash!

    The first satellite is held on Full Tilt Poker (a freeroll) February 10th.

    Right now there's only 34 players signed up, the top 4 advance to a single-table semi-final in February. The fields aren't going to get any smaller as word of this promotion spreads. So if you want in, you'll want to play some of the earlier events to have less competition.

    Hope the tables & life are treating you well, and I look forward to you playing in our WPT satellite for free!


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