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"It seemed like only poker legend Stu Ungar had the guts, or even the know-how, to fire a third barrel on the river. It’s a fact that all of today’s Internet poker superstars are capable of the three-barrel bluff" Daniel Negreanu

Annette_15's Podcast

WSOPE Champion ---Annette Obrestad- will raise ATC (any two cards) be re-raised by players also holding a range of hands from 88 to A 10, and re-shove back over the top of them.That’s The Power Of New Americon Poker—the language of betting, a slang that rolls up its sleeves, spits in the street, screams strength possibly more than any other and gets the work done. Tells Don’t Tell – People Do with the language of their betting. Poker is a game of partial information and the language of betting "last in" is information dominance.

Making a bet that leaves no option available to the opponent other than to call is asymmetrical warfare. It disarms their can of whoop ass-- deep stack arsenal. Hands which are ok to try and re-steal from a loose aggressive player are frequently horrible hands to call that final bet with. No one likes calling big all-ins with hands like 88 or A-10 regardless of how sure they are that a player is stealing from them.

The Power of New Americon Poker is about being the last in the pot. It too can be an extremely effective way of accumulating chips in spite of your hole cards, not because of them. Lights Out Poker is about playing 'in the dark': betting that your opponents DON'T have the cards rather than that they do.
If Phil Ivey is the Tiger Woods of Poker, than Annette O is Norwegian Wood-"knowing she would" re-raise her own "first in" money with marginal holdings to be the last in the pot. You still can't call, unless you have a monster. Most opponents know nothing more than to fold out of position or out of flop weakness.

Two years after they first invaded America, The Beatles, John Lennon said "We're More Popular Than Jesus". Annette doesn't have to say it--she is already more popular than Chris"Jesus" Ferguson. Can our Lord and Savior be far behind? Like the Ed Sullivan" premiere, the WSOPE is her Ticket to let it ride. Annette is The Fifth Beatle. She's playing Rock Star Poker!

Here's a great bluff from Annette 15 at Dublin 2007 , mashing up Dan Harrington on Holdem's "First In" Vigorish with last in money betting that her opponents DON'T have the cards rather than that they do.


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