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Every poker player wants to go to poker heaven, but no body wants to die.
Patrik Antonius was an Angel of death and creative destruction, a Finnish wrecking ball to the human hangover Sammy Farha: on Episode 14 of High Stakes Poker.
Patrik sent Sammy straight to Hellsinki, leaving poker's wiseguy with that "out of money" experience and a concussion, with, yes--a pair of nines verses a king high flush draw---believe it or not.

Antonius moved all-in with his flopped top pair of nines . Sammy Farha was feeling lucky with his king-high flush draw and two overs, and insta called. They must have read the cliff notes to Malcolm Gladwell's Blink.It's a book about rapid cognition, about the kind of thinking that happens without thinking, in a blink of an eye....and then you go broke.

At first it looked like Sammy was going straight to HELLsinki, but then when The Finddagrinder agreed to mercy him--and run it four times, things cooled off. It was more like heck---a 50-50 split pot situation--Antonius, however, won three times, walking away with about $750,000. Sammy, Patrik want's to thank you for not smoking your signature unlit lucky cigarette!

Sammy is fearless at the table. You have to give him that. Yet, feeling 100%fearless and playing deep stack poker is like feeling athletic and going to a sports bar. It’s a bad decision. It is the in to your sane, a kind of voluntary madness. The surest way of getting nothing from something. The road less traveled-the psycho path!

Denial is not just a river in Vegas

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  1. Anonymous says:

    In the words of Sammy himself---"the price of poker has gone up"

  2. Sam Farha: un monstre sacré

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sammy will still go Farha

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