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WSOPE Champion Annette_15 ---Annette Obrestad- will raise ATC (any two cards) be re-raised by players also holding a range of hands from 88 to A 10, and re-shove back over the top of them.

That’s The Power Of New Americon Poker—the language of betting, a slang that rolls up its sleeves, spits in the street, screams strength possibly more than any other and gets the work done. Tells Don’t Tell – People Do with the language of their betting. Poker is a game of partial information and the language of betting "last in" is information dominance.

Making a bet that leaves no option available to the opponent other than to call is asymmetrical warfare. It disarms their can of whoop ass-- deep stack arsenal. Hands which are ok to try and re-steal from a loose aggressive player are frequently horrible hands to call that final bet with. No one likes calling big all-ins with hands like 88 or A-10 regardless of how sure they are that a player is stealing from them.

The Power of New Americon Poker is about being the last in the pot. It too can be an extremely effective way of accumulating chips in spite of your hole cards, not because of them. Lights Out Poker is about playing 'in the dark': betting that your opponents DON'T have the cards rather than that they do.

If Phil Ivey is the Tiger Woods of Poker, than Annette O is Norwegian Wood-"knowing she would" re-raise her own "first in" money with marginal holdings to be the last in the pot. You still can't call, unless you have a monster. Most opponents know nothing more than to fold out of position or out of flop weakness.

Two years after they first invaded America, The Beatles, John Lennon said "We're More Popular Than Jesus". Annette doesn't have to say it--she is already more popular than Chris"Jesus" Ferguson. Can our Lord and Savior be far behind? Like the Ed Sullivan" premiere, the WSOPE is her Ticket to let it ride. Annette is The Fifth Beatle. She's playing Rock Star Poker!

First in vs. last in the pot. First is worst. Last is first.
First in vigorish is Dan Harrington’s concept. Being the first player to bet, "creates" the edge of being the first to put your chips into the middle of a pot. OK.

Sklansky’s old school calls it The Gap Concept ---“you need a better hand to call a raise with than you would need to open the betting yourself”. Sure.

Obrestad's WMD’s--Weapons of Mass Distraction --- Thinking like a marine, it's asymmetrical crazy delicious Davey and Goliath warfare--get em scared and then keep the scare on em. Exponentially scared 10x- win without fighting. Is there a generational gap? Mos Def.

Annette_15 vs The Alphabet A to Z Poker Soup World

On September 17, 2007 many of us realized that the rules of September 16, 2007 were no longer valid. It is like 9/11 epiphany. The rules have changed. It's a version of not fighting fair, attacking "by the book"holdem concepts--- American Poker strengths--- and using them as a weakness. The threat level has been raised to Code Marshmallow!
Action Dan says "Let Position rather than bet size do the work for you". Sure, but last in money has tournament players thinking about opportunity cost of making it to the money instead of sunken cost of "Pot Committed" money already paid and that you can’t get back.
That is to say, the costs of doing anything is that you’re NOT doing something else instead---like calling last in money. It has exactly the same size effect on your chip stack as “real” costs, but it's much harder to see.

Ok Class, here is ABC By The Book Poker- A is for aces...

Playing by the strategy of the last war, The Powell Doctrine-- Go big or go home! The West vs. the Rest! will get you stuck in Vietnam. The T J Cloutier Doctrine-Aces are the only hand big enough to go broke with in the early stages of a tournament will send you home broke! The Power Of New Americon Poker knows-- No other card has this flexibility that the ace has... to go broke.

Top Three Old School Concepts To Re-Think

Basically, Opponents can be divided into two types ---those that play like Sklansky, Gordon, and Harrington, and those that don't. Guess who does the dividing?

M Factor---there is no survival stage.
Gap Concept---your cards are immaterial more often than not.
First In--- hands of value are based on 1-2-3- 1,your position, 2,your chip stack, and 3, the players you are confronting.

First in Redux---

First in the pot is the old school idea of taking pots down pre-flop or pre-turn using stack pressure. Especially when a tournament is in the money stage. Today, Playahs may go into the game with a larger bank and better cards, they will lose in the long run to the Ballas, who are last in.

This can happen heads up in cash games too. NLH is a game of position, and not only being last to act but also this immediately shows the importance of making a play that leaves you last in.

Phil Ivey did it back in 2005 in Monte Carlo. It can backfire too, if you are playing against Stu Unger, who called Mansour Matloubi's all -in bluff.

Immediately following the 1992 World Series of Poker Stu Ungar faced off against Mansour Matloubi in no limit hold'em at the $50,000 buy-in heads-up freeze outs event. The final hand of the game had a board of 3-3-7-K-Q.
Matloubi tried to bluff Stuey all-in for $32,000. Ungar thought for a few seconds and told Maltoubi "You have 4-5 or 5-6 so I'm gonna call you with this" and flipped over a 10-high hand to win the pot and bust Maltoubi, who in fact held exactly what Ungar said he did.


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