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There is always enough Constant Consciousness. Everything arises from it.

It's having a holy relationship with everyone, whether they have one with me or not.

I don't take sides---because I am both sides.

Go ahead, Make My Day --- so I can thank you for showing me what is unhealed in me.

Day-to-day contact and every day friction shows me what is in my unconscious mind. Without it I would not see the stuff that drives me into these united states of unconsciousness.

Life constantly reflects back what is in my mind.

In every situation where I lose my peace, I have found a reflection of what is unhealed within me , what I have not forgiven myself for.

I forgive others for what they have not done to me, not for what they did.

True wisdom says I am nothing; true love, everything--True forgiveness recognizes an attack as a call for love.

Wonder is a shift in thinking, , a wonderful shift in perception is being able to forgive.

It’s easy because ---Nothing ever happened. What I thought was done to me. I truly did to myself.

What's personal is universal, but the soul has no personality.

Only I can deprive myself of the peace of Love.

I don't take it personal.


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    Hey ED love the blog! Aloha

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