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"I'll take things that I know for $200, Alex."

Ah!, Vegas, the city that inspired Cheryl Crow to sing about it. Life springs eternal
On a gaudy neon street

WHIVSIV-I happened in Vegas, but I'm not staying--Called an audible the other day.

Flew out of OGG(Maui) with ATA for $165 bucks---and spent two days straight playing No Limit Poker at Bally's. Made some dough. Got upgraded to a suite at the Paris.

Vegas is mos def in the eye of the beholder. It's puglicious--beautiful ugliness.... heading back to HNL to be a free agent again.

Chasing Doyle---The Bad- Beat Money...A Strong Hand Beaten By A Stronger Hand. What's the meaning of a poker life? Get one!

Inti, a Paris Casino Manager from Peru won the big share $50,000, of the 100, 000 bad beat jackpot. The table share was $4,300. He had Quad 10's; Mr Lucky Charms, had Quad Kings! "Poker has changed my life", he told me yesterday--er, yea Inti.

The flop was K 10,10. He checks his Quads! The other guy checks his Boat! The turn is K, Inti pushes all in- the bloke from the UK calls. The river is the case K. Bingo! That's like getting struck by lightning.

I have had two jackpots in holdem-- 90 days apart in 2004--My Quad 10's over Aces Full has a great story--- Cheryl, my girlfriend at the time said,

" Oh look Ed, a full moon-If you could wish for anything, what would it be".

I told her I wanted to win a jackpot in holdem! Two days later I did! She got a vig for that one.

Oh yea--lots of Hawaiian people at UNLV. My dealer last night Ed was from Maui. Las Vegas is (kinda like) the ninth island of Hawaii.


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