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Does "Web 2.0" mean anything? It does now--- It's the cult of the amateur, the army of one, the youniverse.

Showing up still is 99%. Punch you business ticket to cool, with complimentary mojo on take off: Hotel @nyware is tomorrow,and tomorrow is your permanent address.

Write? Right! I can't talk now I'm on the blog...

"People don't actually read blogs, they step into them like a hot sauna." Ed Reif

The Mess IS The Message
As part of the “cut-and-paste” blogerati,---The One Per Centers-- the people with time on their hands, Kid Blogger is busy living happily ever after, participating in the
new "ism", capitalism, a.k.a. also know as, the creative destruction of the old wor(l)d order: EGOnomics. Blogging is current. It creates currency. Social capital.

Making onself obsolete, is far cheaper than waiting for the competition to do it. Thank you Kid Blogger--open-minded, we-centric, candid, devoted to progress, personally accountable, curious, and confident ---Kid Blogger, Thank you for taking some of the quo out of the status, and the way things were before.

Kid Blogger takes pride in his Egonomics G.P.A. average of 4.0---- that by going on free classified ads sites like craigslist, newspapers’ advertising revenue are down; by using commercial-free youtube and Google video, television networks are under attack, by using file-sharing sites like limewire,and iPods the multi-billion-dollar music business is taking a hit, and soon enough Morgan Freeman's hollywood movie industry will be in disarray.

Home is not where my heart is , it is where Kid Blogger's computer is. There's no place like work when you're at home (telecommuting).

Web 2.0 is the cult of the amateur, and Kid Blogger is personally drinking the kool-aid. Kid thought he would leave a mark on this world. He'll settle for a stain...

This is giving me amnesia and deja vu all at the same time---I think I forgot this before----There Are No Spectator Anymore-Participate in the army of me. Group hug. Pass the kool-aid. The creators will thrive at the expense of the imitators. Express yourself. Be original. Everything else is just karoke.

The mediocrity of blogging. if you build it, and they come, you are popular; and being popular means normal, the setting on your washing machine. Normal=Nothing.You become an A-lister, and if you think A-Lister's are Thoroughbred jerkaholics, try meeting some B-Lister's. The most hyped phrase of 2006 B lister's is-UGC, user generated content. Let's put those words to bed. UGC is like an artichoke, you have to go through so much to get so little.

Hotel @nware is still a "get It" who hasn't got it. and that's good. There are only two kinds of blogs that are really fascinating — blogs that are nouveau niche and know about absolutely everything and blogs that are from the era of unearned confidence--- a simpleton-esque complete wastes of time and know absolutely nothing.

Hotel @nyware might be a blip on your radar or a source of great inspiration.There is no there there out there in lala land of the infosphere. Blogging is a way to make things happen indirectly. I am creating a cause not a business. A mere clerk and dispenser of enthusiasm. It should be treated like a chain letter - read it and pass it onto 10 other people.TROGGING: Trust + Blogging. Keep on trogging.

Like open source, blogging is something we do ourselves, for free, because we enjoy it. Like open source hackers, bloggers compete with people working for money, and often win. The method of ensuring quality is also the same: Darwinian. Companies ensure quality through rules to prevent employees from screwing up. But you don't need that when the audience can communicate with one another.Just write whatever you want; the good stuff spreads, and the bad gets ignored. And in both cases, feedback from the audience improves the best work.

The Emperor, however, has a new suit. "In your face" naked conversations that write for demographic “eyeballs” instead of real people that you know personally is stupid--- Just because everyone believes in stupidity, don't go and make it a fashion statement.

"As long as I get the blog spaceship in the air"---woops Challenger and group think.... Blogs are conversations, but it is probably all babble. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say "Intimacy" F2F face to face communication is the next google people will be paying for -one-on-one conversations the way they used to pay for sex. Get ready for E(motional)-commerce!

All blogs are made from the same mold, some are moldier. The quest for good blogging is in the questions: Am I breaking the mold---the patterns and expectations? Or else...Nothing new here. Se ya....Mediocrity, not the key to holding attention. Pose a challenge, inspire curiosity. Change things up. The danger of staying still. Stay caffeinated!

Is this really a hi res experience? Being-better-is-better. The more you know and can do, the higher resolution experience you'll have. Can I get you through the rough patches, the "this sucks threshold"?

The sex of Hotel@nware, not really but Ed Reif has to be your seducer, to get you to stay with the stories he tells. The "F" word---fun. Is it fun ?Fun not (always) funny. Fun= practicing to survive in the new wor(l)d order. SomedayI will be giving the test--the t shirt test. When you wear it, Hotel @nwyare has got you.

This is not I'm not out there to save your/ the /world; save your analog eyes from this digital world. I talk about Web2.0 and social networks because I'm interested in them, and every sensible person makes his living by doing what he enjoys. So that explains me. I'm not trying to help anyone or or improve anyone. I accept "you" as you are--Of course when a spring flows down the mountain, its doing its thing, and if a thirsty traveler helps himself, that's cool. When a bird sing, it doesn't sing for the advancement of music and I don't write for the advancement of the alphabet,, but if someone stops to "listen" and gets switched on so much the better . That's the spirit of Hotel @nyware.

Ah, the jo(b)y of advertising creating instead of supplying needs-----where Life is a cereal,Joy, a detergent,and Coca-Cola is it. Pure Jeanius is Levi's and Banana Republic. Pepsi knows our national id has A.D.D., and Hotel @nyware learned today that the Pepsi can is changing , every 3 to 4 weeks to connect with our short attention span .

I had a moment of clarity about traditional advertising, the old wor(l)d order---

Social networks -it's not just for kids anymore. The "medium" is inter-connectivity between content and audience.It was a brilliant moment of 21st century advertising reform --

I was one of the people who viewed a clip from Fox’s Family Guy on youtube. It's been viewed over 300,000 times! I was participating in a collective action, and I didn't even feel a ripple---the smooth translation of public demand to get rid of "and now a word from our sponsor" commercials--- the rules were bent and swamped by this other resource, the Free Agency of the year--consumers... The (old)Ad agencies should just fold, they’re out of line and out of touch.

Let's stop rolling the tape and discuss the smack down for a moment---Fox didn't spend a dime on advertising, and more than that, I wouldn't know if they did--- now that I have Tivo and time shift Family Guy, I don't even watch the promos. This is not deja vu Napsterization, cutting out the middleman. Its Dijon Vu. The same old mustard. An army of me. Yet, my means without ends turned out to justify Fox's end---that I watch the show. After all, I can deal with a sound byte on my laptop---I'll watch the show in its entirety at home on a TV screen.

Unique New York, a real tongue twister; and La-La Land of Los Angles, a real twist.

Biology may be biography but geography for most of the twentieth century has been ones destiny! It wasn't what you knew nor even who you knew . It was where you were. Not anymore.Talented individuals are mobile monopolies with global passports. You're either a geek or a grunt. There are endless choices, and endless freedom. Technology frees us to be ourselves---and we can either pay in cash or competence.

In the Hard to make this stuff up department---Home is not where the heart is, it's where your desktop is:where ever you go, there you are. It's easy and hard to deal with "everywhere" 24/7. Time and talent: we sell it; we hire it; we package it. ---You own your means of production--that small, gray 3 lb universe called your brain that will move markets and shakes up capital. Being original is a hitchhikers guide to the galaxies of the Youneverse!Look inside. Do you want to be a first-rate version of yourself or a second-rate version of someone else? If you are doing the later, you'll always be looking for grenner pastures.

In a sense, we all tele-commute, WFH (work from home) and wanting to improve our work-life balance.---this postopia of location-agnostic (Hotel @nyware) way of working that frees us up to be wherever we want, whenever we want, as long as we get "it"done. This is like TiVo for your work. Work Unplugged.Work is no longer defined by real estate.

The letter of the law---the 20 mile rule, that you have to be near your work, has been replace by the spirit of the law---Ed Reif's Trend 2007--- The 20 minute rule---If you're not living within 20 minutes of a Starbucks (and t-mobile hotspot), you're in pain. Wake up and smell the opportunity.

Learning is also no longer defined by the "campus". My 21 year-old daughter , has been living in Toronto, taking courses online at Harvard University . It's (r)Evolutionizing , Imean EVEolutionary! the way things get done in academia.What you want to learn is how to learn, SFH, School From Home.

A (social) butterfly 3000 years ago flipped its wing, and for that reason, maybe we were born, raised and schooled in New York , or California, or got "the call", and migrated to their cities--- IQ magnet, where the brains were: to be and live like a "Rolling Stone" ---a transient lifestyle, that frees you from the hassles of permanent ownership and possessions. It's the current, and a wanderlust to collect as many experiences and stories as possible, living for the now.

I used to call the rest of America -the United States of Unconsciousness---the suburbs--Stroller-Land, with the safest cars (Volvos and SUV'S) and without having to worry about getting a parking spot but blad and average. Now the whole world is a global supermarket, and one endless friction-free shoppers paradise, with inexpensive information, if you know how to find it. It doesn't matter where you are.

How much T.O.E. did you have (Time On Earth) in one of these places---If you weren't in the Boston-New York-Washington economic power corridor in the 1980's or even the 90's, or the enormous creative hubs of the San Franciscos and LA's., it was hard to be a geek of all trades-- Part of the "Creative Class"---entrepreneurs,architects, entertainers, marketers, researchers, editors, software engineers, artists---where knowledge, creativity and innovation are key.

The past doesn't matter anymore. If you are connected, you're good to go. There's no such thing as a bad address on the net. Productive, well-paid work is based on ideas, information and adaptive thinking. Work involves more brains and less brawn

What do you do? may have replaced How do you do? The quest in no longer in the questions, "Do you rent or own? or Who's Your City? The place you choose to live is, no longer, the most important decision you'll ever make.(LA for film production, Memphis for music. So what, with a Blackberry, e mail, Internet access, and a phone does it really matter).

Sure, these cities run on Brainpower. Attracting and retaining talent is harder these days with the telecommute, the WFH crowd can take a puddle jumper if necessary.

There was a great creative divide--IQ magnets like New York_ London,_Paris,_Tokyo;the San Francescos and Bostons; the Taipei's and Singapore's, Toronto_ Vancouver_Amsterdam and Dublin. These are the great syndicates, producing the bulk of the world's wealth ,pulling from the talent pool and generating innovation. You can still participate from location neutral Hotel @nyware.

The Machine is US/ing Us-

Welcome To Retail History---China's getting Supersized

The Dogs of Kitsch are still going on a world tour ---to satisfy mass culture, by spinning and packaging the shared hallucination of everlasting uncertainty, fueled by the disease of "more". Hello and Buy Buy to Val(shorthand for Valley Girl) like totally: How do you say---Shop till you drop, in Chinese?

There are more products, more markets, more people, more competition. In our world of abundance and excess, competition is total and competition is personal. Difference rules. Small is beautiful. Small is the new big. Less has and always will be, more.

Go East Young Man!It was the mantra of simplicity Zero sum minus some.The further East the Dogs of Kitsch go, the further West they get. People are the only thing that make a difference. It's not about high tech machines or your nice buildings and logos anymore. Apparently, the Chinese have been eavesdropping in on Corporate America's Death By PowerPoint Venture third round funding dog and pony shows---"all we have to do is get 1% of the people in China to buy our product." Dim Sum and Then Sum...

Let's read the tea leaves:You can't teach an old dogma new tricks. Don’t mistake motion for progress.If you feel athletic, do you go to a sports bar? So, if you want to love things that can't love you back, go to a mall. It's the “democratisation” of boredom. Get your workout on, on the dehumanizing treadmill of materialism and consumption.

The mall is like, so prehistoric, and headed for extinction; according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and the Congress for the New Urbanism. They describe malls as grey fields, after brown fields, the term for toxic waste dumps. Yet you wouldn't know it. The old wine is in a new bottle. The art of telling stories even when there is no story to tell.

The karaoke bar is singing the praises of Don't worry be happy in Minnesota this Sunday and Beijing today. A cheap imitation of the once glory days (1980) of the Galleria Mall in Sherman Oaks, California.

It's closing time for the karaoke crowd ---who actually cares that you can belt out the loudest tune after three martini's --It's still the S.O.S. Same ole ___ bland copies of the original. It just goes to show---The secret of staying young is lying about your age.The Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, Missouri, opened in 1924.America's first mall, therefore It isn't young. it's old,83 years old. Yet, it's being portrayed asa rockstar---18 with 65 years experience.

Happy 10 year birthday- a decade of Minnesota's "Mall of America": 4 million square feet of sameness; the mere "mini me" of malls when it comes to China's supersized mall. Why not, the country with the largest people in the world should have the largest mall in the world and they do.

The Beijing mall is advertised as the mall that will change your life--- Everything is for sale: Goat-leather motorcycle jackets, Italian bathroom sinks, hand-made violins, grandfather clocks, colonial-style desks, Jaguars, diapers. And that's barely getting started. With 230 escalators, more than 1,000 shops, restaurant space the size of two football fields, and a skating rink - the Art Deco mall is a testament in glass and steel to the communist party's desire to create a stable, happy, middle-income consumer class.

Beijing also has 24 golf courses, despite a water shortage. It's Adam Smith's Diamond Water paradox--what's more valuable. It will be the mall that changes their lives. It will turn their homes into landfills. North America is really about services; everything that is manufactured is usually done in China, the Beijing to Bentonville AK(Wal Mart) supply chain. Now,Work that doesn't give many much meaning in life can be followed by free time that gives just as little meaning in life. Procrastinate Now! at the new Beijing Mall.

And I thought Skying in Dubai was ridiculous.


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