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2007 Pro Bowl

The reason football is so popular over basketball and baseball is that its good; and NFL films is probably the reason.There's one miraculous exception---the Pro Bowl--- a meaningless exhibition in an otherwise tremendous sport.

Everything that makes pro football great, the hits, the plays, the players is missing in action. In a world where winning isn't the only thing it's everything: winning a Pro Bowl is secondary---- Staying healthy is what’s counts. That doesn’t make for good football.

In fact , it's cold pizza, going through the motions, not exerting any effort. Is there any player who actually takes it seriously or willing to call it a game? Isn't it just a vacation ,R & R and rehab?Isn't it s just a sadistic reminder to football fans all over America that the season is officially over?

If you are really wondering if the AFC will beat the NFC, well...there's no such thing as bad pizza

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