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DNA Paternity Madness, Who's Your Daddy? We all are! "I'm Spartacus!"

Bloggers are the sharpshooters that come down from the hill after the battle to shoot the wounded, in this case, the dead. I'm talking about Anna Nicole Smith, uber cleavage girl. I'll give it my best shot. Anna Nicole's death offers a new spin on the failure of the war on drugs.

What exactly was Anna famous for anyway? Oh yea,the American dream–trailer trash Vicky Lynn Hogan done good, or least done rich and famous . Being Blonde---it sells and Anna was the Chief Marketing Officer of the Peroxide kind, making gold digging a 90's fashion statement once again. She was the extreme makeover before the ABC TV version. Her plastic surgeries were legendary triple xxx alphabet soup--C-cups, E-cups, F-cups and FF(Maybe her boobs killed her).

The (implanted) bimbos have been converging in Silicone valley calling audibles "Fake right, fake left" ---like American Idol, voting who will be the next Anna Nicole Smith, who will replace her? Our straw poll at Hotel @nyware reveals--- Paula Abdul--- a train wreck waiting to happen has 42% of the vote with 98 precincts reporting.

Anna posed no threat to the Kremlin, so plutonium has been ruled out---Cause of death has switched to how much she's worth, as she joins Hollywood's Hoe Hall of Famer Marilyn Monroe in Strawberry Fields forever, with her dead oil billionaire husband, J. Howard Marshall.

Let's really look at why Anna Nicole Smith and "only the good die young". While illegal drug use is down, legal is up. The number of Americans that "admit" to using is 15 Million; and there is a 140% rise in self reported cases of pain killers. Prescription drugs are killing people. Its the next AIDS. Accidental drug poising is on the rise. We don't mind dieing, we just don't want to be around when it happens. Anna probably wasn't around when it happened.

Peak Performance:Drugs not hugs. The fastest growing group of drug abusers are 12- to 17-year-olds and 18- to 25-year-olds.

Parents are their own kids drug dealers medicating them for depression, attention deficit disorder, and the gamut of psycho and behavioral problems mostly because they want their kids to do better at school and in RL, Real Life. The top three Amphetamines: Ritalin; Concerta; Adderal.

Productivity:Take the blue or red pill. Medicated Marriage.

Mid life crisis in our careers as parents, spouses and/or earners. We drink the koolaid and take drugs like Lipitor, Viagra, Prozac, and Prilosec, to kick start our ability to do more and feel better and to relieve the pain including the pain of having to stop from eating and drinking the things that probably got us there in the first place.The top five pain killers Codeine; Demerol: Percocet: Vicoidin; Oxycontin. The top five Anti-Anxiety Killers: Zanax; Valium; Klonopin; Librium; Ativan. Love may have been the drug... but for many couples, the honeymoon is over--- it's the daily antidepressants which keep the illusionary fire burning.

Life Extension: The "prescription" for happiness. We're not going to the doctor, we're going to the mall.

Old(er) folks take drugs not only to alleviate the pain of aging, but also to extend their lives. HGH (Synthetic Growth Hormones), Deprnyl, Piracetam

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  1. Holly says:

    I agree that it's a growing problem. Everyone wants quick fixes, easy answers and instant gratification. I guess the reality is we alway sfind what we're looking for don't we?

    Holly's Corner

  2. I really like your writing.
    I was born and raised in Israel. When I was 31 I moved to New York for 3 years.
    Being an outsider I noticed a lot of weird things about American society. The worst of them was to see how drugs became a commodity like any other.
    I remember one day watching "Brave New World" and then a commercial break with the zolft egg. It's creepy how brave this world of ours has become.
    America is migrating to homo sapiens 2.0 - chemically and surgically enhanced. The future is here - Upgrade Yourself!

  3. Did you see Brit's bald head
    i am sad what an idiot
    it's tragic. I tell you, she's the new Anna Nicole

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