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This is giving me amnesia and deja vu all at the same time---I think I forgot this before----There Are No Spectator Anymore-Participate in the army of me. Group hug. Pass the kool-aid. The creators will thrive at the expense of the imitators. Express yourself. Be original. Everything else is just karoke.

The mediocrity of blogging. if you build it, and they come, you are popular; and being popular means normal, the setting on your washing machine. Normal=Nothing.You become an A-lister, and if you think A-Lister's are Thoroughbred jerkaholics, try meeting some B-Lister's. The most hyped phrase of 2006 B lister's is-UGC, user generated content. Let's put those words to bed. UGC is like an artichoke, you have to go through so much to get so little.

Hotel @nware is still a "get It" who hasn't got it. and that's good. There are only two kinds of blogs that are really fascinating — blogs that are nouveau niche and know about absolutely everything and blogs that are from the era of unearned confidence--- a simpleton-esque complete wastes of time and know absolutely nothing.

Hotel @nyware might be a blip on your radar or a source of great inspiration.There is no there there out there in lala land of the infosphere. Blogging is a way to make things happen indirectly. I am creating a cause not a business. A mere clerk and dispenser of enthusiasm. It should be treated like a chain letter - read it and pass it onto 10 other people.TROGGING: Trust + Blogging. Keep on trogging.

The Emperor, however, has a new suit. "In your face" naked conversations that write for demographic “eyeballs” instead of real people that you know personally is stupid--- Just because everyone believes in stupidity, don't go and make it a fashion statement.

"As long as I get the blog spaceship in the air"---woops Challenger and group think.... Blogs are conversations, but it is probably all babble. In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say "Intimacy" F2F face to face communication is the next google people will be paying for -one-on-one conversations the way they used to pay for sex. Get ready for E(motional)-commerce!

All blogs are made from the same mold, some are moldier. The quest for good blogging is in the questions: Am I breaking the mold---the patterns and expectations? Or else...Nothing new here. Se ya....Mediocrity, not the key to holding attention. Pose a challenge, inspire curiosity. Change things up. The danger of staying still. Stay caffeinated!

Is this really a hi res experience? Being-better-is-better. The more you know and can do, the higher resolution experience you'll have. Can I get you through the rough patches, the "this sucks threshold"?

The sex of Hotel@nware, not really but Ed Reif has to be your seducer, to get you to stay with the stories he tells. The "F" word---fun. Is it fun ?Fun not (always) funny. Fun= practicing to survive in the new wor(l)d order. SomedayI will be giving the test--the t shirt test. When you wear it, Hotel @nwyare has got you.

This is not I'm not out there to save your/ the /world; save your analog eyes from this digital world. I talk about Web2.0 and social networks because I'm interested in them, and every sensible person makes his living by doing what he enjoys. So that explains me. I'm not trying to help anyone or or improve anyone. I accept "you" as you are--Of course when a spring flows down the mountain, its doing its thing, and if a thirsty traveler helps himself, that's cool. When a bird sing, it doesn't sing for the advancement of music and I don't write for the advancement of the alphabet,, but if someone stops to "listen" and gets switched on so much the better . That's the spirit of Hotel @nyware.

Ah, the jo(b)y of advertising creating instead of supplying needs-----where Life is a cereal,Joy, a detergent,and Coca-Cola is it. Pure Jeanius is Levi's and Banana Republic. Pepsi knows our national id has A.D.D., and Hotel @nyware learned today that the Pepsi can is changing , every 3 to 4 weeks to connect with our short attention span .

I had a moment of clarity about traditional advertising, the old wor(l)d order---

Social networks -it's not just for kids anymore. The "medium" is inter-connectivity between content and audience.It was a brilliant moment of 21st century advertising reform --

I was one of the people who viewed a clip from Fox’s Family Guy on youtube. It's been viewed over 300,000 times! I was participating in a collective action, and I didn't even feel a ripple---the smooth translation of public demand to get rid of "and now a word from our sponsor" commercials--- the rules were bent and swamped by this other resource, the Free Agency of the year--consumers... The (old)Ad agencies should just fold, they’re out of line and out of touch.

Let's stop rolling the tape and discuss the smack down for a moment---Fox didn't spend a dime on advertising, and more than that, I wouldn't know if they did--- now that I have Tivo and time shift Family Guy, I don't even watch the promos. This is not deja vu Napsterization, cutting out the middleman. Its Dijon Vu. The same old mustard. An army of me. Yet, my means without ends turned out to justify Fox's end---that I watch the show. After all, I can deal with a sound byte on my laptop---I'll watch the show in its entirety at home on a TV screen.

Lies, dam lies and lists... Have a to be list, not a to do one!

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