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Suited Connectors and the tree of knowledge...

PART 2: The surest way to win a huge pot in NLH is to spot 'em the nuts and suck out! This is the "forbidden fruit" of the ABC by the book player. It's the in to your sane game.

Poker Heads Up, AA to suited connectors--It plays, not like a sport, but a concussion. In a New York minute, an ACME anvil pancakes you, and then a split second later, you’re expanded - accordion-style - back to normal, like some tempurpedic mattress. It’s a formula of ins and outs, need and speed, aggravation and acceleration.

When you think of it--Pocket Aces, winning---getting what you expect is boring.The TABLE is the green felt jungle-- and it loves home runs, slam dunks, touchdowns and holes-in-one and putting a bad beat on someone. opening up a can of whoop ass, raining down on Charlie. Preflop, a pocket pair only has 2 outs to improve, overcards have 6 to draw to the nuts.This is not even taking into account straight and flush draws! That means over cards are at least a 3:1 favorite to improve and win the hand.

In the end, you don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate---When I hit my perfect card on the river for the nut straight, Pocket Aces checked, I went all in. He payed me off.

Getting Others To Play With The Cards You Menally Deal Them. I like to call this style of play, "Boiling the frog" In this case, infinite patience brought immediate results.

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