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The last time 60 minutes, the most watched news show on American television, did a poker expose, the third watched sporting show on TV!, it took cheap shots at my favorite LA Card Room, The Bicycle Club.

The late Ed Bradley called The Bike "a sleazy second-rate casino on the outskirts of Los Angeles”.
Isn’t that part of the charm?

Now, the News Show is taking aim at Online Poker and the Absolute Online Poker Scandal, with Scott Tom and AJ Green aka Potripper, which is really the dead fish report---yesterday's news.

The story has resurfaced as Scott Croft's-- flavor of the month. For 60 Minutes , Poker= Gambling and Gambling=immorality. We need a ruling by the former Democratic NY Governor Elliott Spitzer, voted Crusader of the Year' by "Time" Magazine on this one.

The Absolute accounts were “Super Accounts ” that let AJ Green and Scott Tom see everyone’s hands, IP, names and more!

The data was sent to a player who complained to Absolute support and they accidentally sent him the data. He then gave it to his friends who did some serious investigating and data mined the player in question. The account then made a ton of money and dumped it in 200 400 games. The player who won it in the high stakes games was a new account, who then cashed out right away!


The point of making something illegal is to stop people from doing it, and penalize them if they do. So why are Pokerstars and Fulltilt advertising on network TV? cha-ching...

More than that, Internet gaming companies have made $10 billion in profit last year. They’re all based overseas, but as much as 80 percent of their traffic – and profit - comes from the U.S. Houston, have we got a problem?

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 was steamrolled by the Congressional Republican leadership in the final minutes before the election period recess. According to Sen. Frank R. Lautenberg (D-N.J.), no one on the Senate-House Conference Committee had even seen the final language of the bill. The Act is title VIII of a completely unrelated bill, the Safe Port Act, HR 4954, dealing with port security.

It does, however, bring up the issue of Wash and Go--- money laundering—Online Gambling ---Should we license it, regulate it and tax it. Probably.

The more important question is cheating! Playing online is like putting a sign on your back that says “ Kick Me” for hackers. We play it with real money and that makes us a big target. Open an e mail and a 'Trojan' could let the hacker produce a screen shot of your computer at will. As a result they are able to see exactly what you have and play perfectly against them, gradually and seemingly legitimately.


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