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The Phil Ivey Effect
"The greatest player of his generation (the under 30 somethings)-- or perhaps of any generation." Ed Reif on Phil Ivey

Unlike everyone else on Planet Poker, Phil Ivey requires no nickname. He has an unrivalled reputation as the most feared player around.

Here is the final Hand #100 at the LA Poker Classic:

Quinn Do has the button, he limps for 160,000, Ivey raises to 560,000, and Quinn calls. The flop comes A86, Ivey bets 700,000, and Quinn thinks for about 30 seconds before he calls, leaving himself just 1.02 million behind. There is already 2.92 million in the pot.
The turn card pairs the board with the A, and Ivey moves all in. Quinn goes into the tank, shuffling his chips as he ponders the situation.

After four minutes, Quinn quietly says, "I call."
Ivey shows A8 for a full house, aces full of eights, and Quinn dejectedly shows 98 for two pair, aces and eights. No card can help Quinn here; he is drawing dead. (The meaningless river card is the 4.)

Quinn Do is eliminated in second place, earning $909,400.
History is made as Phil Ivey wins the 2008 WPT L.A. Poker Classic, his first WPT title after reaching a record eight final tables. Ivey earns $1,596,100 and a huge trophy from the Commerce.


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