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Episode 11 of High Stakes Poker had a minimum $500K buy in; making ATC-any two cards ok for implied odds.

Yet is was ABC high cards Poker- as Jamie Gold's KK took Patrik Antonius' AJ to school as over $700K was on the table for an all-in confrontation that left Patrik insta calling Gold's Trip Kings. Patrik's nut Broadway straight went from first to worst on the river as Gold filled up.

From Poker Listings:

Patrik Antonius picked up As-Jd and raised to $4,000. Jamie Gold looked down on pocket kings, and re-raised to $14,000. Only Antonius called.

The flop came 3s-Qd-Th. Antonius checked and Gold bet $15,000 with his overpair. The Finnish player called with one overcard and a gut-shot straight draw.

Amazingly, the turn brought the Kh. Gold now had top set, while Antonius had the nuts, an ace-high straight.

Antonius bet $45,000, and Gold moved all-in for $341,500. Antonius immediately called, and thus created the biggest pot in the history of High Stakes Poker: $743,800 was on the table.

"Unbelievable, but what am I going to do, right?" Gold said.

Since it's a cash game, the players are allowed to make deals in situations like these. Gold and Antonius decided to play the river three times, with almost $250,000 at stake on each card.

Being a 3-1 underdog, Gold was hoping to catch at least one lucky card, and when the dealer placed Qh on the table, giving Gold a full house, he shouted "Yes!"

The 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event champion's luck continued when the second river card was dealt. The 3d gave Gold another full house.

"Ha ha! Wow!" was all Gold said this time, while Antonius hardly reacted at all.

Gold was hoping for the case king to come the third time, but instead it was 8s. Antonius' hand finally held up, and he calmly collected a third of the gigantic pot.

High Stakes Poker host AJ Benza summarized the most massive pot ever by saying, "I tell you one thing: Patrik can take a punch. Imagine if that was Phil Hellmuth."


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  1. Betfair says:

    Check out BEtfair's story on that sick hand.

  2. Pokahblog says:


  3. High Stakes Poker: Season 4, Episode 12 - The Half-Million Buy-In Game Continues

  4. TheFuGu says:

    BenyaDEGENYAMINE QUITS TILT BROKE mine Done With Online Poker?

  5. Grinder says:

    awesome hand - I do not get a chance to see much TV poker because I'm playing poker so . . . . . .


  6. E_miller says:

    Keeping the "High" in High Stakes Poker---Really lives up to its name

  7. Freckles says:

    I already remove your pics from my blog. If that bothered you, please take my apologies. I saw them on Darkufo and Fan Forum and I didn't know that you can be upset about it.

    Keep the good work and take care.


  8. DarkUFO says:

    Hi Ed,

    Thanks for the email, as per your request I've removed the photo of you
    and Terry.

    Andy (aka DarkUFO)

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    Un saludo.

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