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Prose Before Ho's...

I had a fever for more cowbell--So I called that ô'de-bul-

A good poker player is like a good QB. The Quarterback uses "the facts" before him to make adjustments, but sometimes the decision to "call an audible" is based on a "gut feel" for the situation. Some of the greatest plays ever have resulted from the QB calling an audible and changing the play.

Poker is a game of incomplete information, a game of situations. Q
B's are skilled at reading situations and being able to change plans under great stress.

I was suited and booted with AK, playing holdem with a helmet and pads on. Bulletproof-NOT, and still the bad beats come..A9 calls. The flop hits A, blank blank. He hits his 9 on the turn for two pair. Ouch. When stuff like that happens, I have to call audibles, and walk away from the table.

From Freerolling to Freefalling

This style of play is great, just like the masterful Tom Petty song it inspired.

She’s a good girl,loves her mamma, loves je -sus, and america too.

Gretchen was skydiving on the North Shore today.

Hung out at Aloha Towers, a front row seat to all the harbor traffic.

Good to see a few familar faces ---Jenny, Kiki, Frank and Jo, Cher. Jim too.


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