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The Burger And The King--Elvis has not left the building---Marlboro Man---is an American Beauty---Look Closer. Cowboy French Fires! from the most powerful---and in some quarters, most hated----brand image of the century.

Now that's a SuperBowl Ad worth talking about-Celebrate that.

And the winner of the Phillip Morris Throat Kazoo, in a smokeless tobacco catagory goes to this Angioplasty---

The artery clogging rant that hails from Germany reads Come to Burger King Country.
SURGEON GENERAL'S WARNING: The smeel of Burger King french fries causes everyone around you to become hungry.

So who is going to win the SuperBowl, Coke or Pepsi? It looks like Coke is still it---Their “Happiness Factory” is a front runner for the beauty contest of best dressed advertisment. Think fantasia meets Rube Goldberg, a fly on the wall look at the inner workings of a Coke machine.

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  1. Awww nuts that is funny! Most ads are lame, others okay and then there are a few grandslams that surface. This is definitely a grandslam. Thanks for sharing!

    Holly's Corner

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