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The new wor(l)d order mantra is : I consume(click), therefore I am---creating . I search on the Google, I am finding stuff for me and add to the wisdom of the crowd that makes Google a better searcher who follows me.

There is wise and there is other wise: Who Owns The Smart Mob, the wisdom of this crowd? We do.

Whenever we pay attention to something (or ignore something), data is created–this “attention data” is a potentially valuable resource.

The aDictionary's law of net economics says:The word own used to mean control and now control means sharing--We have the "right" to own, manage, and exchange our data. When we share aspects of our click stream , social bookmarks, browsing history, we should get paid. Enough about spinning the wheels of justice.

Who wants to be a (millionaire) content provider for youtube?

I know I might sound like a thing from another tax bracket, a proud member of the vast right wing conspiracy but-People who create videos, should get paid for their work.

In a classic use of the strength of weak ties, Youtube agrees. The Geekfather is making us an offer we can't refuse--When we upload our r own (copyrighted) films to the site will get a share of the ad revenue.

Egonomics at the Youniversity. The old becomes the new---getting paid for your creations: no more R&D, ripoff and duplication. What a concept. 20th Century Fox has issued YouTube with a subpoena after episodes of The Simpsons and 24 appeared on its site. Maybe Youtube woke up and smelled the opportunity with the preemptive olive branch.

Youtube is a YASN, Yet another social network model. It's bulk processing of contacts and information flow. Yet it s requires a higher level of "investment" from users. The power of NOW has been usurped by the power of NEW. Youtube would like us to remain an all volunteer army, but now that information about the feedback loop is coming in, and it is know that our MySpace pages and youtube videos are being monetized to the advantage of someone other than us--Youtube has reinstituted the draft. Revenue sharing WILL reward creativity, ever so slightly. You'll get paid in some kind of wompum, bandwidth or fame, but fortune, doubtful.

Salespeople social capital are their Rolodex It’s a personal value that they lease to a company during the period of employment. If a one hit wonder on youtube gets play, it should be exponentially rewarded with a piece of the Google ADSense for instance. You are "leasing" your content to the Youniverse based on the numbers.

The system is brilliant: because it underpays for failure,and overpays for success, like the payout on infomericals. Sure, there's no frontloading, no upfront money. Create and publish first, and let your "work" be judged by your peers.Its Open Source Marketing.

This is more like a party than a battlefield and brands are struggling to get an invite.

Here are some life sentences for the prisoners of Madison Avenue---17 co-creation(s) to get you started.

"Be willing to acknowledge and value what I have to say"

“Don’t show me an ad and ask me to admire it, make me an offer and ask me to do something.”

“Let me know what you want me to do. And how. And why.”

“The best way to get my attention is by giving me a platform.”

“What thing—however small—can you do to improve my life?

“If it seems easy and fun, I'll ask someone else to play."

"Errr, did you really think that would impress anyone here?"

“If I'm going to be involved—you need to be involved.”

"If you think I am a little bit too interested in your product, then maybe you should try listening more carefully."

“It doesn't matter what you say if I don't like the way you are saying it."

“If this relationship is going to last, it probably needs to be low maintenance.”

"Show me more and I'll trust you more."

"Tell me something I don't know and make me feel special."

"Show me you've listened"

“This time, it’s personal.”

"Let's just see where we go..."

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice piece

  2. Hey Ed,

    Great article! My husband has been talking so much about the changing world and the impacts of technology to me of late. Much of what you said echoes his thoughts. It really is amazing. It's always a little unfortunate to me that "the people" don't recognize the power they have and consequently sacrifice it for greed and selfish wants. But it was ever thus. Thanks for dropping by my corner and leaving a comment.

    Hugs & World Peace (tee hee),
    Holly's Corner

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