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The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off- Our national id still has A.D.D. We are not so poor, however, that we can't pay attention to the fact that the iPod is colonising our consciousness and redefining not only what we hear, but when and where and how we hear it.We control the ride, the commute, the timing of the workout, the drive and the spaces we are moving through. The iPod is for people who like to be in control. It's Personal, Portable, Pedestrian…and it's fun!

The mantra of the Internet is still--information wants to be free--Record,don't and soon enough-books won't, sell anymore. The only way to make money in music is the Gillette way---Give away the razor. Charge for the blades. Collect on the "back end" The music-Take one, it's free" approach. Go on tour and sell-out.. The Apple Ipod took the biggest bite out of the conventional business as usual default mode of thinking. It must be business as unusual. We need surprises.

The original is just as valuable as the copy. In fact, the copy is better than the original, especially when you don't have to pay for it. Data's only purpose is to be copied and passed on,from Xerox to infinity.

The napsterization of cutting out the middleman, the tivoization time shifting of on-demand entertainment , plus the CNN effect, the 24 hour news cycle, make no one singer's ability to encompasss more than a fragment of the available attention of the listening public. Bono, might be the only miraculous exception. In a world, where life is a cereal, and joy a detergent, coke is still it: He'd like to teach the world to i Tunes.

The U2 front man would 'd like to buy the whole world a coke, I mean, would like the whole world to buy an ipod, preferably the U2 Special edition one. That is the smartest thing I have ever heard Bono say. At Less than $300 Bucks, it's not so much to lust after. Just buy it!

If Google, the online Superpower is god, Apple's Steve Jobs may still be the Dali Lama of integration, the pied piper leading the masses to the promised land of convergence, Life 1 01, For the old school CD/Walkman terrestrial radioheads----google atheists--- however, the iPod is the devil, or at least hell-arity. Digital music put the sin back into sincere. It must have something to do with stealing music, and therefore be evil.

Giving away personal information, another SIN,Single Identification Number. But as Austin Power's nemesis says, it's just the diet coke of evil, a little bit evil 1/2 a calorie of it.when you think of the cost/benefit.

Therefore, it is no longer a question of if , but when everybody and every body (all ages, shapes, sizes and colors) take a bite of the Apple, the forbidden fruits of itunes (almost) free digital music and the iPod media player(s).

Mp3's may be pornagraphic---cheap and nasty; thanks to peer to peer and 99 cent Itunes. Yet they have changed the way we think and interact with music. It shrinks space, It is a small world after all. No technological invention has had such a global impact Just as there is no such thing as bad sex, there is no such thing as bad digital recordings.

There is really no such thing as digital homeless. but there is a shelter for the homely. It's called "Thank you for smoking" Las Vegas. Everyone at least know how to operate a cell phone. What you resist persists. Denial ain't just a river at Ceaser's Palace On a round planet, the hardliners still want to take up sides. It's just gonna get worse before it gets better, the estrangement, the disenfrancized, the ipod(less)ness.

Old Vegas is a walking catastrophe.. The typical favorite food of the crowd is "seconds". You have to be a somebodybefore you can be a nobody. The new Vegas, fresh with the aqua velva stench of the unwashed carnies, line up to see the once was, the nobodies. The nostalga tour continues, like prize fighters who had one too many fights and didn't know when to throw in the towel.--- Punch Drunk, bloated and flatulant Elton John is the new fat Elvis, pimping out his greatest hits; Celine Dion is the new Liza Minnelli, if Dion can't make it there, she can't make it anywhere, and she can blame it on her "manager" husband René Angélil, who goes on tilt at the high rollers No Limit Poker tables at Bellagio, spending all of Dion's cash.

Marshal McLuhan was right, the mess is the message: the old becomes the new. They are the Kremlins, the old wor(l)d analog order. They sing on the higher frequencies, where only the musical equivalent of the "hound dogs" can hear them. The mongrel breed--- Vinny Bag a donuts, Joe Six Pack the dees, dem and does rat pack crowd.Boozers, womanizers and gamblers. Sure they can express themselves but they can't create themselves. Vegas is their deaf, dumb and illiterate confidante.

To the uninitiated and unconnected agros crowd (Jonzing for better fidelity),there is an undeserved hostility that goes with the ipod purchase. The ipod almost screams out "I'm a music lover," "I can afford an iPod and know how to use a computer," and "I've got better things to listen to than what's actually going on around me." It's an us verses them CD walkman/ ipod thing.

The cognitive ' dissonance" of Apple/ipod is that it isn't keeping up with the Jonzes, It's dragging us down to theirs (mp3's)-a devolution in sound quality, and that's no biggie. The Chevy replaced the Edsel, CD's replaced the vinyl record, but now this retro. Analog music was a sacred cow; digital made it a profound cao ( a cao is a unit of chaos).There is no Woodstock, no urge to change the world, only the urge to merge, to download more and more.The naivety, the idealism is gone. It's not about the sleeve, the artwork, the liner notes, the "album" it's about the iPod, not the music. Not the disc but what you play it on. Are you one of the pod people?

The reason we buy iPods is very simple: we want 15,000 songs in our pockets. The iPod is an extraordinary experience, a personal soundtrack to our life Our celestial jukebox. The common agenda is to eliminate being chained down to the Computer.Being digital means being mobile.

If "Ramen noodles are a dish of effortless purity." than the ipod gives you oodles and oodles of these ubiquitous, noodles. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Give him ramen noodles, and you don’t have to teach him anything. The iPod has moved beyond something that's "cool" to something that's useful: Wear your music.AccesoRIZE.

We have more (leisure) time than money, mp3's put us to work with playlists, collaborating and getting organized. It's a small price to pay for the lifestyle and control.--not only to pull information (songs, podcasts, videos) about @nything, @nytime, from @nywhere, but increasingly to push our personal presence back into the I word--- infosphere, and life cache where we can self-publish on an unlimited scale, to the nth degree, and join communities that form and disband rapidly around shared work and shared interests.

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