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Masters of The Youniverse

History got punked on YouTube last month by a Shiite guard, with a cellphone camera and access to broadband. The people got what they wanted. No noose isn't good news. Every important story everywhere will get told. The wisdom of the experts---CNN and Fox News got scooped, by the noise of the amateur: the permanent press of citizen journalism; where author and audience become blurred. The insatiable appetite for real-life stories rather than manufactured ones, will be fed with or without CBS and Mark Burnett. Sadaam got voted not only off the island, but voted off the planet.

Bud Light Salutes "Mr.blogger-podcasting-myspaceyoutube Shiite guard with a Nokia cellphone camera and access to broadband guy.Yes, you. Mr Shiite Guard, You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world, master of the Youniverse Mr. Real Man of Genius"

His cellphone is: His credential, His White House press corp pass, His thirty years,in the trenches,experience. Mr. Shiite soldier will be Professor Emeritus and guest speaker at Columbia' Graduate School Of Journalism next semester, and hosting an upcoming Larry King Live on CNN to dioscuss his "Let's Make Sausage" tipping point moment. You see, you don't have to be a navaho code breaker to use a cell phone.

The remote cotrol, the VCR,Tivo, did not free us from watching less TV; it made watching it a perfectly self-centered experience. The cellphone frees us from watching TV and is a perfectly self centered experience. Even the best reporters 99% of the time approach the story from the outside in. You have to "be there" to offer is the perspective on that story from the inside out.

The hanging really was the canary in the mine for broadcasting---the end of Network news by a few to an audience of many, and the networked many-to-many online oxygenated addicts. In December, when Michael Richards, the actor who played "Kramer" on Seinfeld, was caught on a cellphone saying the "N" word, and losing his mind, TMZ picked it up and it posted worildwide thank to youtube. The phone begs the question: What if everybody in the world were my stringers?

When writers on Happy Days had Fonzie jumping the shark." on water skies, they lost their audience.The show eventually got cancelled. This is the network news jumping of the shark,the tipping point where top-down decisions being made in newsrooms (and governments) are being usurped by bottom-up decisions made by the general public. Video journalism has changed forever.

Mr Shite soldier's camera phone uploaded the video to a media-sharing site behind the scenes. The site sent out automatic alerts to his friends, and they automatically sent out copies of the video to their friends, who posted it on the internet It was like the classic ‘70s Faberge TV commercial telling “two friends" and they told two more... Viral marketing, only in an e-mail/WOM (word of Mouth) sort of way.

This blogsphere is no longer some MFA program at Clermont, some needlepoint project.The best reporters 99% of the time approach the story from the outside in. You have to "be there" to offer is the perspective on that story from the inside out. The millions of people, the networked we-- continually create and Digg new content, anointing the useful, appointing the relevant, giving a thumbs up or down to the rest.

The world has always been seen through different I's, people who made a difference all had their own library of three minute user-generated videos, filmed by participants in the events. First, there were handheld videos cameras that captured history- The Zapruder film, the most complete real-time version of the Kennedy assassination, and L.A where they treat(ed) everyone like a king, Rodney King-. Some stenographer for the D.W.B. (Driving While Black) angst changed the LAPD's M.O. of police misconduct forever, way back in the middle ages of 1991. That jumped the Shark for American law enforcement.

My Space’s "cool factor" jumped the shark right after it enabled, I mean empowerd 25,000 Los Angele's high school students who used MySpace to organize a walk-out from classes to protest "English only" immigration legislation.

The tail spin of Myspace usage goes something like this--2003 College Kids, 2004, High School Students, 2005, Middle School Students, 2006/7. bottom feeding Adults, -the Politicians and Media Professionals are joining in the conversation. The"voices" are already beginning to sound like a thing from another tax bracket.

Myspace is personal. It requires trust and trust says never trust anyone over 40. The tools of cultural production are in the hands of screenagers (age 14-21). Not their parents.


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