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One of the biggest trends we are seeing emerge from the Internet is the acceptance of messiness versus perfection. In the analog world we collected. In the digital, we canvas. The analog world was "technical: the digital, "social".

Trend 2007, Ed Reif says, "the mess is the message---and that's ok." We get to treat our technology , as an unfinished prototype. It doesnt know everything. It just supplies the starter kit.

Don’t obsess about a grand plan like when you text message for instance. It won't survive an encounter with the new wor(l)d order of "good enough", not "perfect". Good enough does the heavy lifting for perfect. IM's change the info conversation from (supply-driven) tojust-in-time canvassing (demand-driven), IM is great for brainstorming.

IM is fast, and a good collaborative tool. There's no over think. It's better than e mail. You can use 2 fingers. You don't have to vaccinate against cover-your-arse’ syndrome, and CC and reply to this... It improves knowledge, creates relationships, builds respect, generates new ideas.
If you aggregate individual decisions and ideas, you’ll get better results. The key is that individuals need space to have their own independent thoughts.

IM--- It's not like tivo and it's not like podcasting.Tivo is a product that you buy. Podcasting is a standard that you use.Tivo lets you time-shift TV. Podcasting lets you download things automatically from the Internet.

When it comes to voice mail and e mail, people leave a message and you "get back to them. Instant messaging, well is instant. Yet, being synchronous makes it intrusive. .It is the best way I know to make a pest of yourself.

"Who does the typing?"---How many hours of time are wasted by people typing with two fingers? Who cares about productivity, especially when it come to Instant Messaging. There’s a 70 percent chance that when you call someone at work, you will get voicemail. Trying to connect with other people by phone has an even spottier track record. You have a better shot with IM.

QWERTY, the same 'ol keyboard as we know it, was designed to slow down the levers of the manuel typewriter so they wouldn't jam. ---And another thing, what's this caps lock and why does it take up so much space? Ah, the socially inept keyboard.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is writers cramp, a real "slap on the wrist. It was designed to make typing more difficult, and mot invented by orthopedic surgeons loking to make a fast buck on work place injuries, but by the guy who invented the "modern" day keyboard. Hold on Worker's compensation boards of America--now there is(crackberry) Blackberry thumb and trigger finger.

My Mobile device is killing me. Hotel @nyware will be funding anyone who wants to open a Tech Spa-- for BlackBerry thumb,” “tech neck,’’ and "tech hand", the repetitive stress "things that used to happen when you were fifty something now happening in your 20's and 30's. Just to mix it up a bit, I heard that having a cell phone to your face, not only gives you "cell phone popre clob and bacteria, but it's like sticking your head in a microwave and frying your brain. This is your brain on a cell phone.(There is an the old PSA ad)

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