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The old wor(l)d order of PUSH verses the New wor(l)d order of PULL, rolling the DICE verses Inviting CHOICE

Got Balls?

People DON'T wait and receive content at a scheduled time and place;People pull content when they want it. People DON'T use the end product:People are actively involved in creating the product. Business is NOT a managed program; Business is a flexible platform, The organisation DOESN'T provides everything: the organisation provides the starter pack. Organisations DON'T own their resources:Organisations mobilize resources. Friction is NOT inefficient and should not be eliminated: Friction is productive and should be encouraged.Hierarchies DON'T maintain order:Hierarchies stifle growth.
DON'T Aim for perfection: Aim for good enough. DON'T Design and lead a successful business:Treat your organisation as an unfinished prototype
DON'T Assume people are primarily motivated by money: Realise everyone's deepest desire is to be appreciated.

"Balls" the queen said, "If I had them I'd be king"--Hollywood Needs To Grow A Set.

Got CLients? Thinking Outside The Box _Office

The Academy award-winning short film of this year will probably be watched by a few thousand, while a YouTube clip shot on a camera phone might be watched by hundreds of thousands or even millions of viewers.

Obsolescence was is in full bloom-- Caught in the headlights, Queens For A Day, the Ad Guys -First, The Golden Globes, Next,the Academy Awards---Hollywood- land is dancing the bovine jig of Got Milk, the utter delight of keeping the con in conversation--- Living in an ‘80s time warp, the mile high-sausage fest--- Uber Mensch hug downs--back slapping-broke back club, is happy to talk their own talk, walk their known walk, to their own "A List" group and giving each other awards again. They think (their)content is king, well the king is dead.Long live the king. It's not throwing as much Sh_t against the wall and seeing what sticks*supply driven* it's demand driven---It's Social, everything that is written, everything that is spoken and everything that is shown about that "content providers" have no control over.

Hay guys it's official, transparency is now the universal PR euphemism for honesty, denial just ain't a river in Vegas. Operation "Screw The Public"the light at the end of the tunnel is being cancelled due to budget cuts. "Grow a set"

Life happens everyday, and today will not be cancelled due to your lack of interest.Google, blogging, and the so called "you" economy is here, and we are not just listening but are perfectly capable of coming back at yawl. New models of communication flip things around. It's not about the message, it's not about the new sale, it's about the experience.TV sucks. The Movies suck. Newspapers are dead, and books are right behind.

Got Blog? The Social Life Of Information

The Ad man is an anachronistic
mercenary semantic Berlin wall of telling not selling -- playing dice with content --promoting with hype and hyperbole. This ain't no crap shoot anymore.

The PR man, on the other hand and his love of relationships, his ear to the ground and fingers on the pulse is proactive. The PR man accelerates conversations in real time. The process still is the same--create first, and get judged by your peers, but the ballot box is not stuffed with the attitude of "You'll get nothing and like it" at your scheduled time and place, the only thing good about the word network, is the net, the werk part is broken

Advertising, the dominant dogs of kitsch in the marketing kennel needs to move over, because PR is taking over. Change or die- This is an historic day--A commercial news organization links up with Technocrati--Two of the most important tools of business communication---announcements via the press and reactions from bloggers!

Got a Blog?

PR Newswire Links Press Releases to Technorati

The press release, the one-way in your face documen t as we know it is dead---. Press releases are one way spins, and spin is telling stories even when there is no story to tell -- but plain talk is a blog.The blog has replaced the press release. The blog is plain talk.

The PR Salesman was based on a very googly but pre-Google concept: carefully measuring and calibrating marketing according to what the customer tells you.

TV advertising was the ultimate tool of another age – The Age of Obedience. TV is big brother that wasn’t watching us, we were watching him.More missed opportunities for branded content, the partnership that brings entertainment value to brands and ideas that integrate into brands. Press releases made everyone play god---.Problem is, we're all "atheists" today, and we'd prefer to hear the human voice. It's time for all of us to get real and blog.

Now It’ s a Brave New Work Place. There is a fundamental shift from persuasion to permission based communication. The audience will continually reject mass market messages.

The Internet and the blending of brands and entertainment provide the solution, what each of these positions has in common is a sense that the traditional mass marketing, advertising dominant model has to change – whether we like it or not.

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  1. Bob G says:

    love the "got balls" paragraph - treat your organization like a prototype...i read that somewhere?

    its all up for grabs - in places, in traces -

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