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ngs from Caffine Central,
Bean and Nothingness: Starbucks, America's favorite drug dealer, serving up, what we Italians call, "Dirty Water".add to Digg

Too Little Too Latte?

My Drug Dealer is now pushing movies, music and more, it's better than e harmony or, better than a singles bar or health club, it's the new local "pickup joint". Find out where you can hook up, drinking OK coffee (and standing in line to buy it) at the new GoogleMaps/Starbucks MashUp.

Pimp My Google- It's their world We just live in it and, serve in it. (Hotel @Nyware has become a word slut with hosted AdSense).
My drug dealer and my pimp, the one two punch that Makes My Day, the in to my sane. You complete me.

I really enjoy being inside a Starbucks; drinking from that paper coffee cup, sitting it in my car's cup holder to remind me of where I was, that shows "I voted" for Starbucks again. It's not about the coffee; it's about the lifestyle. Yea , I heard 7/11 and (DuDO's) Dunkin Donuts Coffee is cheaper, but it's not about the price---"Why pay less?" is my attitude. I don't buy coffee. I drink it. I love sitting in one of their epiphany chairs to self-reflect, write Hotel @nyware , or give in to a mood swing here or there.

Starbucks is a lot like Google. Starbucks is a network. And networks exist to bring people together... and to sell them stuff. No concept is too big and there can never be too many "hooks" into an (end) users life.

There is zero switiching cost involved in me "using" (Seattle's Best)Yahoo or (Pete's) Vivisimo or (Coffee Bean)MSN, but I don't care.Google has StartingPoint Power.It bestows alpha geek status on me, and, more than that, I believed in google before it believed in me. There was no start page on the internet, and I made Google mine.

Now, it is the industry standard, the default start page for everyone- It turns out that owning the starting point on the Internet is really, really valuable; and starting ones day out at Starbucks is too.

Google is my magnifying glass. Something good on Google looks great to me. Just like Starbucks, it's about the lifestyle , the value is on the search, not the content.

Google is not Starbucks competition, Google is its environment. Starbucks is not competitors with Google, They are partners. Starbucks has an interest in driving Google's success. Heck we all are partners with Google. We all have an interest in Google succeeding.

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