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Unique New York, a real tongue twister; and La-La Land of Los Angles, a real twist.

Biology may be biography but geography for most of the twentieth century has been ones destiny! It wasn't what you knew nor even who you knew . It was where you were. Not anymore.Talented individuals are mobile monopolies with global passports. You're either a geek or a grunt. There are endless choices, and endless freedom. Technology frees us to be ourselves---and we can either pay in cash or competence.

In the Hard to make this stuff up department---Home is not where the heart is, it's where your desktop is:where ever you go, there you are. It's easy and hard to deal with "everywhere" 24/7. Time and talent: we sell it; we hire it; we package it. ---You own your means of production--that small, gray 3 lb universe called your brain that will move markets and shakes up capital. Being original is a hitchhikers guide to the galaxies of the Youneverse!Look inside. Do you want to be a first-rate version of yourself or a second-rate version of someone else? If you are doing the later, you'll always be looking for grenner pastures.

In a sense, we all tele-commute, WFH (work from home) and wanting to improve our work-life balance.---this postopia of location-agnostic (Hotel @nyware) way of working that frees us up to be wherever we want, whenever we want, as long as we get "it"done. This is like TiVo for your work. Work Unplugged.Work is no longer defined by real estate.

The letter of the law---the 20 mile rule, that you have to be near your work, has been replace by the spirit of the law---Ed Reif's Trend 2007--- The 20 minute rule---If you're not living within 20 minutes of a Starbucks (and t-mobile hotspot), you're in pain. Wake up and smell the opportunity.

Learning is also no longer defined by the "campus". My 21 year-old daughter , has been living in Toronto, taking courses online at Harvard University . It's (r)Evolutionizing , Imean EVEolutionary! the way things get done in academia.What you want to learn is how to learn, SFH, School From Home.

A (social) butterfly 3000 years ago flipped its wing, and for that reason, maybe we were born, raised and schooled in New York , or California, or got "the call", and migrated to their cities--- IQ magnet, where the brains were: to be and live like a "Rolling Stone" ---a transient lifestyle, that frees you from the hassles of permanent ownership and possessions. It's the current, and a wanderlust to collect as many experiences and stories as possible, living for the now.

I used to call the rest of America -the United States of Unconsciousness---the suburbs--Stroller-Land, with the safest cars (Volvos and SUV'S) and without having to worry about getting a parking spot but blad and average. Now the whole world is a global supermarket, and one endless friction-free shoppers paradise, with inexpensive information, if you know how to find it. It doesn't matter where you are.

How much T.O.E. did you have (Time On Earth) in one of these places---If you weren't in the Boston-New York-Washington economic power corridor in the 1980's or even the 90's, or the enormous creative hubs of the San Franciscos and LA's., it was hard to be a geek of all trades-- Part of the "Creative Class"---entrepreneurs,architects, entertainers, marketers, researchers, editors, software engineers, artists---where knowledge, creativity and innovation are key.

The past doesn't matter anymore. If you are connected, you're good to go. There's no such thing as a bad address on the net. Productive, well-paid work is based on ideas, information and adaptive thinking. Work involves more brains and less brawn.

My brother BR is a partner in an entertainment company. His offices are in New York and Beverly Hills. If you ask him where he lives, he says, "Delta Seat 1A"..."I have a house in the Midwest. It's where I collect my mail. He's serious. It's his ' home of record', a super-sized McMansion, golden arches not included, He commutes by plane.

Ed Reif's Trend 2007: People will get paid not for the knowledge they have, but the stories they tell. This is the economy of the storyteller.

What do you do? may have replaced How do you do? The quest in no longer in the questions, "Do you rent or own? or Who's Your City? The place you choose to live is, no longer, the most important decision you'll ever make.(LA for film production, Memphis for music. So what, with a Blackberry, e mail, Internet access, and a phone does it really matter).

Sure, these cities run on Brainpower. Attracting and retaining talent is harder these days with the telecommute, the WFH crowd can take a puddle jumper if necessary.

There was a great creative divide--IQ magnets like New York_ London,_Paris,_Tokyo;the San Francescos and Bostons; the Taipei's and Singapore's, Toronto_ Vancouver_Amsterdam and Dublin. These are the great syndicates, producing the bulk of the world's wealth ,pulling from the talent pool and generating innovation. You can still participate from location neutral Hotel @nyware.

Showing up still is 99%. Punch you business ticket to cool, with complimentary mojo on take off...

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