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VHS verses BETA, Netscape VERSES Internet Explorer, TV verses You Tube? Let's put the con back in concept and apply the "Tipping Point to everything from economics to epidemiology. Now I will go out on a limb and add the Domino's Effect---Like sex---it’s not like you’re ever not in the mood for it, and it’s not like any pizza will ever be ---"bad" pizza. In fact, day old cold pizza is really underrated. The Tipping Point is "extra Crispy".

Many are cold but few are frozen---Pizza Pie Can Make you Sterile! Bring back the PC Vegan Pizza. Put a logo on that white pizza box"
Our pizzas don't contain Beef or Pork" Meet your meat. Do It for my old roomate at NYU Alec Baldwin.

The Whiter The Bread, The Quicker You're Dead

In the United States of Unconsciousness, where life is a cereal and coke is it, This is your Brain on Pizza --- the dehumanizing treadmill of materialism and consumption, Here is my artery-clogging rant on Uncle Sam' unhappiness-SAD, the Standard American Diet.

Eating Pizza can literally rewire the brain. Beer makes you smart, it made Bud weiser, but for most Pabst Blue Ribbon Robots, eating in default mode, eating too much pizza can fry your brain, and make you dumb. It's a sugar blues thing. See Amazon.

In the land of plenty where the whiter the bread the quicker you’re dead, bread is not the staff of life. It's death, megadeath.

In the land of plenty, more people die from overeating than starvation, this is the home of the artery clogging "all-you-can-eat buffets and sugared water drinks. It's never been a better time to be fat in America!


n the United States of unconscious eating, the food is terrible and the portions never enough. Yet we Star Strangled Bastards can’t get enough of what we don’t want, don’t need and don’t know. —S.A.D. the Standard American Diet, Uncle Sam’s unhappy default mode of eating the same stuff over and over again; and expecting a different result. That’s the in to our sane. Our state of enjoyable discomfort is a concept of citizenship framed around our diet. There is something so sociably acceptable---being obscene and not heard. Fatness is a kind of invisibility, a fashion statement OK fatso, what’s it gonna be---Are you an American or an American’t?

As part of the best entertained and least informed people on the face of the planet, our national id has A.D.D., We are free to change spouses, jobs, careers, neighborhoods; but the menu? Never!

The map may not be the territory, the statue may not be the saint; but the menu is not only the meal, the menu has replaced the meal. We eat what we are---- American. It has become the most powerful symbol of who we are. Meat and potatoes to a large extent are the glue that holds our country together. Our baseline “trance” of our everyday dining consists of this choice---riding the gravy train of Holy Beef USDA Prime, Choice or Select Beef: Take it or leave it. Or better yet, America, love it or leave it. Don’t eat the menu!

Give me life liberty and the pursuit of pleasure! The sex of eating meat is something more but nothing less than that, pleasurable. Good meat = good sex. We have on demand, anytime, anywhere menus, The American diet, however is pornographic-cheap and nasty, processed and dead.

Counting calories is like a hooker who looks at her watch. Right? We drive to fast to worry about cholesterol, Maybe? Yet, amid the silence of our cloistered cars and cubicles come the license of the brothel---- the Paradox of Choice, and more of it, has brought less satisfaction. We conform to a false sense of normalcy In fact, meat now kills more Americans than tobacco. It has become the loophole that allowed the whore to climb into our diet.

Welcome to our shared hallucination of almost the right way to eat---This is our brain, wired and fired together, on French Fries: An American dream that is the American lie, but it is one of the most truly useful lies that inches we American dreamers closer to the truth----The true mystery of dining is the visible not the invisible. .. It is the naked truth. Doing things right the first time is an obscenity. No snowflake ever feels responsible for an avalanche, and we were given a snow job by the snowmen about the virtues of red meat. We didn’t know any better. Moving away from this, who would have thought that our storyline and personal history would provide a platform for growth and change? We became fat, overweight and out of shape. But we are about to change all that..

The right way to eat and almost the right way to eat is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. Welcome to the user friendly universe of XE, Extreme Eating. It is lightning in a bottle. This bolt that’s about to come into your life is both striking and alarming, and it will leave the entire landscape changed-as you will find out, irrevocably.

The Last Resort days of paying for a ten-day vacation and arriving on day seven are over. Let me gladly share my experience and advice about the wisdom of Extreme Eating---XE, The Raw Vacation----for there are no sweeter words than "I told you so!

It might be easier to change our religion than our diet but we American heretics have put the ODD into God: Laziness has become the religion of the 21st Century. Therefore: It is easier to kill your diet than to change it. It’s not broke, but don’t just break it, break it before someone else does! If it works, it’s obsolete. Fat =laziness.Thin=strength. America is becoming marketing land where no real work is done! Go East young man for that.

More than that, It’s hard to t believe we are frightened by the new diet ideas, like Extreme Eating. I am frightened by the old ‘boot camp’ ones. XE, in effect ‘Napsterizes’ the wellness market by cutting out the middlemen. The tastes of everyone depart from the mainstream somewhere. How long does it take to achieve XE? About a minute! Do it right the first time is an obscenity. We are selling experiences and solutions far more than quality and satisfaction. The products are less important than the stories. It is a company of storytellers. Nobody gives you power. You just take it.

Cheap'n'Nasty - Pornography and processed food. It’s an obscenity to do something right the first time. We are obsessed with speed, and we tend to do things in an ugly way. XE diet will put you in line for culinary sainthood, microwave fans are heading straight for hell.

The statue is not the saint yet our patron saint of cuisine is the microwave. Its apostles, frozen dead food. We put instant noodles in it and almost go back in time. We can cook “all night” for two minutes. Forget about what’s cooking? Er What’s thawing? “I'm going to go microwave a bagel and have sex with it.” Ok honey margarine’s in the fridge”

There is only one Yank my doodle dandy curse:

independence; and only one USA virtue: obedience.

The map is not the territory.

Yet the quicker we go the longer it will take to be/stay in shape. I’m not sure if it’s a revolution or a devolution, but things are changing.

The Car cut off our legs; we all bought them (cars) and moved to the 'burbs It made us car people. The computer took away that “digital homeless” malaise but made us homely mouse potatoes. It gave us a nice head on our shoulders but it would look better on a neck. TV and radio blew our brains out. Fake it till you make it environments that pawned themselves off as a true reflection of who we are and what we wanted.

Television is about Television. The mind and mouth is never empty, the mind and mouth is filled. What's worse, it is filled with someone else's obsessive thoughts and images about health and nutrition. It’s your brain on French fries; your mouth is never empty always full. Now that you know the It’ always, do the never. Remember Brando in Apocalypse Now, “The Horror. The horror.” Of media saturation. Or to quote from the movie, “Cool Hand Luke,” is a failure to communicate. The body is obsolete. It can no longer deal with the situation. Who would have thought you could eat at a gas station.

XE has a good read on TV ;Why do you think they call it programming? It’s s only real goal is to keep you watching. There are two types of people in the world: those who believe there are two types of people and those who don’t.

9 11 sealed the deal. The twin towers was like our two front teeth being yanked out. It was no longer how big a bite do you want to take from the Big Apple, the forbidden fruit of money centric Manhattan.

American guys are no longer concerned with just Making a living, its something more but nothing less than, How to live.

For the American’s health consists of having the same dis-ease as our neighbors- keeping up with not only with the heroes, the joneses, but also the zeros, the Simpson’s. Why do you think they call it (TV) programming? Big brother TV isn’t watching us, we’re watching him. It has given us the disease called “more”. This is not 1984. It’s circa now: The FAX of Life----Concrete is poured over everything; we live within walls and cars all day and night, and communicate primarily through phones fax, and computers. It has never been a better time to be fat, a badge of class----nothing succeeds like excess. The not worth it moment…when you change… We can never get enough of what we don’t really need to make us happy. Keep your mind like a bad neighborhood---don’t go there alone.

Nobody got upset about lentils or Carrots being caught in a tuna net XE may not save the whales, but Maybe it can save the males--- the "wallet-bearing" guys that throw themselves out of their bodies, into the outer world and into jobs, into that other marriage to the fictitious individual, the Corporation, or the fields and go out to work instead of working out. There is something so sociably acceptable---being obscene and not heard. Fatness is a kind of invisibility, a fashion statement. Doing more of what you are doing, with a micro twist isn’t going to cut it.

Greetings from the user friendly universe of Extreme Eating. To all you wallet bearing guys who have thrown yourself out of your bodies and into jobs, who outsourced your health to cold pizza and beer, and now midlife downsizing ,thought…one of the most “attractive” features of a male is his willingness to “pick up the tab” for a meal.

An onion can make people cry, generally speaking, there has yet to be a vegetable to make people laugh., maybe this quasi vegetarian can--- Vegetables are for wimps and dogs, just ask Lassie about Cauliflower, cabbage with an education. Nobody really cares if lentils get tangled up in a tuna net.

Welcome to the Church of the Holy Cabbage. Lettuce pray. My heart beets for you.

I am going to be your “life coach”. It’s tough but I have karma to burn off .I’m . the Urban Monk, getting off the treadmill of materialism and consumption just long enough to write these sentences of beauty and simplicity

The Declaration of Independents-

Be careful what you wish for, because you're going to get it. Over and over again we have directly experienced the truth of this, holding on to that worship of John—Wayne cowboy individuality and loner cop Dirty Harry delivering a message of personal freedom, Hollywood has spun and packaged our shared hallucination of “Don’t worry, be happy” and Cultural hy

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save. Leisure is more available than money these days. Unfortunately, that usually involves unconscious eating! Genius is constant attention. Where attention goes, energy flows’. Attention is the key to my freedom, balance and peace. Levis and Calvin’s are jeanius, and you probably can’t fit in a pair. Extreme Eating is pure Genius., one size fits all. XE is a life of the recognition of sufficiency. That it is a very fulfilling life. But it's a context one must call forth and create.

The body is the best picture of the human soul. It’s God AND the Bod “What if my diet was my religion? What if my body was not a dumpster but a temple? What if I worshiped it? What if I became my own personal savior, my own nutritional Jesus? What if I experienced my own deliverance through Extreme Eating.; accepted its blessings of radiant health as divinity. It is so “lights on” yet we wouldn’t know it yet because we figure by being extremely *anything* is usually bad for you! All dressed up and no place to go, we drop to our knees and say our morning prayer- Procrastinate Now!! It’s a monologue of our own soft spot. The moment we replace have to with want to is the last day of your old life.

This is less will be less a conversion and more a reversion, and in a sense, an atheism that is opposed to the crazy theology of the hamburger.

If you tell me , “I’m a Christian”, I have to say, “Already? Same with XE. we must never assume that we are “done” or have reached the point in life wherein we can stop holding yourself responsible.

an alternative to prayer and righteous living in providing a means of making sense of life and death. 'Healthiness' has replaced 'Godliness' as a dip stick accomplishment and proper living.

Men may be from Mars; women from Venus, but meanderthals are from Earth and Metrosexuals are from Earth. The former are gatherers, who get pleasure out of the act of looking for the best deal. The later, hunters, who get pleasure out of finding what they are looking for. The statue is not the saint, the map is not the territory, and the menu is not the meal. Extreme eating is the loophole that allows the whore to climb into both of their heads ---it is the silence of the cloister with the license of the brothel The sex of eating is pleasure, and when second helpings come, they will they spit or swallow? You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.

Metros do better, Meaderthals feel better. The former is always Do what you do best ... better. The meanderthals, when faced with an option. Stop looking when they find one, and relax.

Saints, sinners, or just naughty girls…

The price of being a sheep is boredom, the price of being a wolf, loneliness, but it is more like aloneness, standing apart from the crowd, and god’s only voice is silence, and your best companion will be solitude.

These foreign substances have applied for citizenship. If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create an extreme planet; Any Planet to small for our comprehension is not large enough for our needs.

Health is that conversation we are having with our body, mind and soul. The quality of life is the quality of that communication. The quest for that dialogue begins in the question: Am I an American or an American’t? The answer is in the question Am I willing to knock the “T” off can’t, get rid of the life I’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for me. ?”.

America, we almost forgot is not transactional treadmill of buying and going to the church of the Mall, America is that noble experiment, part art, part science , but at the heart of it is the idea of an inexhaustible capacity to rejuvenate, restore and repair. , the soul of it is the possibility of continual transformation - becoming wealthier, more spiritual, more beautiful, happier and feeling younger, If not, than we are In that rocking chair of feeling motion but going nowhere. Don’t mistake motion for progress. Going nowhere fast..

Counting calories is like a hooker who looks at her watch The sex of eating is pleasure. XE takes the con out of confidence and the sin out of sincere---no fear and no guilt!. On the one hand, the meaning of a nutritional life is easy---Get One! On the other, the meaning of this life is easy , Don’t die! That’s it. Unfortunately the earth school eventually kills all its students! Nobody and no body gets out of this world alive. We can have a more authentic, more empowering, less stressful , less fattening earth school experience. This is not a how to, but a why do it at all book---When you have a why, the how is easy.

First we have to graduate from the Kangaroo jumping around flavor of the month schools of thought --No pomp just circumstances---and cross over to the XE state of mind It’s a recognition, not change. It is nothing short of ordinary It is in finding just the right way to jump aboard, the right timing, the right position, that is the tricky part.

Then, The joy of Extreme Eating mind style is in the process, not the product. We are all exhausted from trying to become finished products, to turn out well . .Get rid of the idea that you have to blow up your life and dismantle everything. Don’t make it so dramatic, just change one little thing or you’ll stay blocked. The student is ready, the teacher appears.

Next,. Start where you are. The clock reads "Now." It’s a gift, that’s why they call it the present. Teaching an old dogma new tricks makes you so poor you can’t even pay attention. Figure out the always, do the never!--- train your mind to be fully here now in conscious eating. It is like training your small “inner puppy” .. XE gently calls your puppy back and asks it to focus over and over until it learns the habit being here now . If you could only be half the man your inner puppy thinks you are; be as good of a person he already knows you are.

Finally, Take the Extreme two-week vacation with me not only as your personal trainer but also your instigator. It is the trip everyone has to take, but no one can take for you. Be a free agent to pursue health and longevity no matter what body type you are. It is simple free and easily available. It’s a Nothing-To-Lose attitude, a, letting it ride, but with no deprivation. Would it be worth-more if it was expensive, and worth-less because it was free? You can’t afford not to do this.

The “D” word-diet is about deprivation. It’s like selling the car for gas money. 14 days letter, you lost two weeks! The “boot camp” cartels and Diet agencies are seeking to reimpose the regime of deprivation in which we the diner will be deprived of the power to create and left only with the power to consume.

The American’t is still listening to his “conscience” -- that still small inner voice that warns him when somebody's looking. There’s a certain larceny in getting more for less, a bit of cheating. It is too bad tomorrow will not be cancelled due to lack of interest. Life happens everyday! What he needs is more fiber in his diet; and I’m not just talking about eating a 12 oz. bowl of stupid for breakfast where your wild oats turn to shredded wheat. Bran helps but Extreme Eating (XE) is moral fiber, your personal imperative. It’s doing what’s right when nobody’s looking.

The American’t’s guilty conscience needs to confess. The body is the best picture of the human soul. a confession. It’s naturally intuitive each day we are made whole or empty, we can either honor or over-ride our own inner knowing. We can put this creed into our deed. We have only to be willing.

When he doesn’t know where we he is going, any road will get the American’t there .He drives too fast to worry about cholesterol. Diagonally parked in a parallel universe, suddenly he sees the dots and dashes on the highways as a secret message in Morse Code that he alone has to decipher---He realized he was never happy being depressed and that Food was an important part of a balanced diet! The Diet mongers, "they" the anonymous no one, give him all the confidence and sincerity of the middle of the road, which is not such a safe place for Mr. Median to drive. Now, when he comes to a fork in the road he has the option of l no longer taking it. The sex of eating is pleasure, but when the second helpings come, will you spit or swallow.

Out To launch-Fat America-The Weigh We Were.

Fat is an equal opportunity offender. It’s not just for chicks anymore. Forget about saving the whales, how about the males. Meet three of the estimated 35 million American men who will go on a diet this year, three nutritional “over achievers” three culinary fatanomous stooges ----Vinnie Bag-a-donuts, Joe Six Pack and John Q. All for fun and fun for all the 3 musketeers need to discover the sex of eating-pleasure, and it is more fun when you are not the only one having it. XE

Wants to re- invent the one is none, concept that the best things in life aren’t things, they are people. We have a mindset or a frame of reference that no matter what's happening there is not enough. Living the XE life of the recognition of sufficiency is a very fulfilling life. But it's a context one must call forth and create. You must hear, The Call. These guys may not be the anti christs, but they certainly are the anti-mentors, You can learn the most from these bad- boy- anti-mentors, whose bad behavior you vow never to emulate.

A Kind of Unlearning, unyearning, unlearning.

Greetings from the user friendly universe of Extreme Eating. We wallet bearing guys who have thrown ourselves out of our bodies and into jobs,. have outsourced our health to cold pizza and beer.downsized version of….

There’s her story, this is history, John Q’ storyline of having amnesia and deja vu at the same time. He knows the drill and thinks he’s forgotten this all before. His life would be his message. He is beginning to discover what was already built into his brain. This was definitely not an attempt to teach me something I did not already know, but to remind him of what he had forgotten. What he saw as learning was actually a search through my own idiosyncratic library of “experience” that would best allow him to Tune In. Turn on. Drop Out: The answer was in the questions:

I was ready to: Turn On my metabolism to Burn Body Fat and Build Lean Muscle Mass.

I was willing to: Tune in to the power of live foods to restore, rejuvenate and rebuild and eat for health and well-being.

I was able to: Drop Out of Fast (dead) Foods to guarantee energy and vitality and longevity. And enter the Extreme Eating Challenge.

There is no yes in yesterday. I Honored my beginning. I said, “Start now!” The place where you are is the center.

Vinny is one of those dees, dem and does guys from Lawn Guyland., New York whose greatest fear is offending anyone connected to the mafia. Joe is from California half macho, half sensitive, your typical gay trucker type. He would hate to be accused of not being “mellow”. Fat is what happened while the three of them were making other plans. They are just good people, perfect, with much room for improvement. They are a credit to their gender.

Henry Ford is quoted as saying; People can have the model T in any color, as long as it’s black. Americans are willing to have health as long as its quick.. but Instant gratification takes to long. The quicker you go the longer it takes. Bread is the staff of life, but the whiter the bread the quicker you’re dead. It used to be that half a loaf is better than none. Now, it’s more like half a loaf is better than a whole one. We are so good at playing small, of doing less, of being less, of gaining more weight.

Rowing harder didn’t help because the boat was headed in the wrong direction, out there instead of in here. It is more about taking the energy you are wasting, on things that you hate and using it for things that you love yourself! It won’t be about just rocking the boat. The boat was sinking, and I started to throw out everything useless, in reverse order of importance, until at last I was left with only what was vital to my survival and well being. The little bit that remained– A simple mind with a simple plan: Extreme Eating. I was ready for a “Raw Vacation”.

The nose knows..

Vinnie Bag-a-Donuts, Vinnie has been eating left overs for fifteen years. The original meal was never found. Vinnie’s buns of steel don’t set off the metal detector at the airport.

“Who cares, “ he says, “I’m “normal”; but normal is not something to aspire to Vinnie, it's something to get away from. Normal is the setting on your Mom’s washing machine.

Vinny. Listen up! Before having a relationship with your mother, you have a relationship with gravity. While you were busy living happily ever after, you became a legend in your own scrap book. You’re having a good year, as any blimp would. You are eighteen with ten years experience, 28 to be exact You look and probably feel like you are living one year 28 times. Making you aware of you character defects Vinny leads you to the next step - blaming your parents. What you resist persists. Consider this a going away present…but you have to do your part! Go away! “You're not fat; you're living in the wrong country” not quite it.

Remember the American Express Card, “Don’t leave home without it , and more like the Russian express, “Don’t leave home!” Well XE Get out jail free card from the prison of your life sentences “ I have my Mother’s hips” “I’ve always been this way”. Hay Look you can never lose or leave yourself.

Time Famine

How do you spell health Vinnie? T.I.M.E. that’s how, We Americans are in a time famine, while the rest of the world, (the axis of evil)---the 100 million people on this planet that make less than $2 a day, are time millionaires. They have colonized time. Beyond history. These places and people seems to have always existed, and more than that, almost none of them are fat. We don’t need to take a a trip around the world to lose weight, although It is no mere geographical feat!, The destination s are never just places , but new ways of seeing things- like how to order time.

For the American’t, the purpose of time is to “have” it. Leisure is easier to come by than money in the USA. "We’re special because we’re American” is the mantra is more about “having” and less about “being”. We are, nevertheless, Human beings not human doings. Freedom Inc. feels so good, like some personal, copyrighted Act of Creation, the gold standard. the invisible inheritance and artery clogging rants of The West against the rest (like taking a bath with an elephant) that enters the global bloodstream, It spills over into dietary racism, the “white Man’s Burden”---no McDonalds without McDonnell Douglass. Its food bigots Golden Arches are the exaltation of the possible, so are the F15’s . The one is worth dieing for, the the, worth killing for. the soft target of both food faddists and anti-globalisation.

"The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.” If only there were the promised land of Hamburgers, t.hey, the anonumous no one, the axis of evil, the 100 million people on this planet that make less than $2 bucks a day, we want all their brains “on” French fries, that McVirus entering the global bloodstream. We wonder why they hate us---It’s the food stupid!


* That one dramatic

* That moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point, a place where the unexpected becomes expected, where radical change is more than possibility. It is a certainty. That one moment in an epidemic when everything can change all at once..

* Tip b/c of the extraordinary efforts of a few select carriers. But they also sometimes tip when something happens to transform the epidemic agent itself.

1. Ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread just like viruses do.

2. Are another example of geometric progression: when a virus spreads through a population, it doubles and doubles again into infinity.

3. Epidemics are a function of the people who transmit infectious agents, the infectious agent itself, and the environment in which the infectious agent is operating:

o They (Epidemics) have clear examples of contagious behavior.

o They both have little changes that make big effects.

o It takes only the smallest of changes to shatter an epidemic's equilibrium.

o They happen in a hurry.

* This is the most important trait, b/c it is the principle that makes sense of the first two and that permits the greatest insight into why modern change happens the way it does.

* Epidemics involve straightforward simple things; a "product" (I put this in quotes b/c Gladwell writes this book using mostly marketing/business ideas. However, I see it as a way to spark revolution.) and a message.

* In order to create one contagious movement, you often have to create many small movements first.

* Contagiousness is in larger part a function of the messenger. Stickiness is primarily a property of the message.

First, there was the “C” word, cyber, next, came “E”, E-Harmony, E Bay, Now get ready for the third wave—“U”, not the you, person of the year Time magazine you, but U as in Ubiquitous an Everyware, The age of ubiquitous computing.

Home is where the computer is, and the computer is everyware

It’s here. No wait it’s there…. a laptop without a lap, digital convergence, the holy grail of microserfs, mavens, hackers and slackers---where information processing has diffused into everyday life, and virtually disappeared from view. What does this mean to those of us who will be encountering it? How will it transform our lives? And how will we learn to make wise decisions about something so hard to see?

"Kindly let me help you or you will drown," said the monkey putting the fish safely up in a tree.

Adam calls everyware “information processing dissolving into behavior”, The fish is the last to know ot is in the ocean, and like wise, we simply will stop noticing we are using computing, to fully “dissolve” into everyday behaviors.

"Adam’s thesis in Everyware: The dawning age of ubiquitous computing is that technology and our experience of it will change significantly in the very near future: computer processing will insinuate its way in into our daily lives deeply and invisibly, in a way that PCs haven’t. It will move from our desktops and server rooms into our walls, our furniture, our clothing, and perhaps even into our bodies; everyware will literally be everywhere." A. Otwell

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