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As part of the “cut-and-paste” blogerati,---The One Per Centers-- the people with time on their hands,I am busy living happily ever after, participating in the new "ism", capitalism, a.k.a. also know as, the creative destruction of the old wor(l)d order: I take pride in the fact that by going on free classified ads sites like craigslist, newspapers’ advertising revenue are down; by using commercial-free youtube and Google video, television networks are under attack, by using file-sharing sites like limewire,and iPods the multi-billion-dollar music business is taking a hit, and soon enough Morgan Freeman's hollywood movie industry will be in disarray. All creative destruction. Home is not where my heart is , it is where your computer is. There's no place like work when you're at home (telecommuting).

Web 2.0 is the cult of the amateur, and I am personally drinking the kool-aid. I thought I would leave a mark on this world. I'll settle for a stain.

God's only voice is silence. When you speak to him, it's called prayer. When he speaks to you, well they have meds for that. I couldn't help hearing God say" If the phone doesn't ring, it's probably me." Even my "calling" was no longer calling me. I no longer suffered from the affliction, "the sickness to teach" School was out forever. "What would J Crew Do? He'd go shopping. I did the next best thing, I went to Las Vegas.

I do Vegas like I do chips, and I do chips like I do my life--- in black. Black makes me seem mysterious and unapproachable, It's the equivalent of putting on sunglasses. Black Action. The assumption that gambling in Vegas is bad has outlived its usefulness.

I played at the Paris and Bellaggio;$100 Black Jack and $300 NLH tables, you go big or you go home (broke). It took three days to become an overnight success.

That rule that everything worthwhile is a result of struggle is false. There was nothing "ethical" however,about the Vegas work ethic. .There's a bit of larceny in getting more for less, a bit of cheating the “system”. You feel like some black market wheeler-dealer, living in the underground economy of cash.

Vegas' Looney-tuned tension gets its storyline from the Cartoon Network. In a New York minute, an ACME anvil pancakes you, and then a split second later, you’re expanded - accordion-style - back to normal, like some tempurpedic mattress. It’s a formula of ins and outs, need and speed and greed,aggravation and acceleration. Winning in Vegas has a way of turning money into problems. Just look at the "Where are they now?" VH1 segments and "former" Lottery Winners. They win the American dream and lose it---it's called Rock Bottom. This was not an option. I was not going to be at two with the universe. When your third eye and your turd eye come together---you start to believe your own S#it---The herd, however is wrong. The wisdom of crowds is a W2 world, and you can name your own salary--He's called Fred (Flintstone). What everyone knows is not worth knowing (for too long). Hell is other people, and you usually find them at the water cooler. You quit your day job.

The more stuff I permanently own, the more I have to worry. It weighs me down. I have the three c’s condo, cash and cars. I rent, don’t own them, even the cash. I buy then got rid of or give away all my "stuff". The new after is what I am after. All of the cream, none of the crop. I kept the promise to myself to enter the ever new.

I travel a lot. Travel means temporary freedom: Detachment, fractional ownership or no ownership at all, trying out new things, no commitments and no obligations, endless new experiences.

I rather rent than own. That's how I run my show. Remember what Mr Science says about Boiling The Frog- if you drop a frog into hot water, it will jump out. But if you slowly warm up the water, then the frog will stay there until it boils to death. I am constantly getting in and out of my Cz's comfort zones. The one with the most toys still dies. I remember an interview with the seasoned Robert DiNiro, He didn't want to buy furniture yet. I know the feeling.

What do I do now, now that I have even more time, money and opportunity? I thought of the mantra "To give is to live"---Volunteering. It doesn't pay. Money costs too much but I couldn't afford not to take an "adult time out" from the ordinary.

We Americans are in a time famine, while the rest of the world, (the axis of evil)---the 100 million people on this planet that make less than $2 a day, are time millionaires. I needed to get my freak-anomics on.

My burn rate in South East Asia was $20 Bucks or less a day, where the annual household income was $800.The longest journey begin with a cash advance from an ATM machine and a stack of American Express $500 traveler's checks. I booked the flight on Cathey Pacific and landed in Thailand,the land of smiles two days later. It's not about the Benji's, or even the Hamilton's, I could throw $1 bills out the window all day. Zero sum minus some. I went there with nothing else,and I was coming back with nothing else but an infinite smile.

Like Vegas, Thai Me Up, Thai Me Down....what goes in Bangkok, stays in Bangkok, It’s the most spectacular outbreak of mass delirium that you are likely to see. I will,however, let you in on a secret---it's calledถนนข้าวสาร Khao San Road . Khao San is "a short road that has the longest dream in the world", RPCV, ("the toughest time you'll ever kill") returning Peace Corp volunteers live hand to mouth on their paltry stipend, weeks on end. Khao San Road is a popular destination for 'alumnis' of world renowned institutes of higher learning.

Kaho San sees everything in quotations. It's "Kaho San" knockofff clothes and "Kaho San" pirated Cd's. "Kaho San"knockofff Clothes. "Khao San" rolex watches . Then there is, "Khao San University---fake educational diplomas--- a last stop for broke backpacers. Cowboy Falang, (foreigners) who end up teaching English, if they have a good personality and speak the mother tongue, use these credentials as their meal ticket, or make plane fare back to wherever they are gowing to be picking up their mail.

The Edumacation at "Khao San Road University" is dirt cheap.It is zencrafters, instant enlightenment in about 20 minutes or less. Just spell your name on this piece of paper. They'll print you up a diploma cum laude if you like. No tests.No Books.Noone is turned down. You give them money. They give you a degree.

I always liked the idea of reaching my human potential. I just never liked the price tag. At "Khao San Road University" The Price is right Bob, the low flat fee of 3,500 baht about $90 bucks, you can have three or four degrees---University of Texas, UCLA, and throw in a TEFL certificate to fast track your work permit for teaching English.

This really pisses a lot of University of Spolied Children (USC) types, and Now Your Unemployed (NYU) defaulting on student loans types. "" Wow, while you we're working for $22,000 a year at that law firm, I made just as much in six months in Thailand and ______." The real fun comes when they come back to the states, and try to use it to gain a position of trust, lying their way to the top. All the lies will be washed away by the truth, albeit, there is always a degree of suspicion. This is the real cult of the amateur. A"Little Miss Sunshine" moment-you don't really need a degree confered on you to be beautiful!

The whole thing about college being some higher education only experience is ridiculous. "What's your major? Vodka,now that's a major, with a minor in Beer. Excellent, the Grail!, Nacho. I know a lot of workaholic in college, mention the word work and all they wanted to do is get drunk. Let's get real.You have to know when to quit and try again later. That's what's so endering about the Backpackers, "stopping out" for a while, chilling.I undersdtand their logic: Why go through all the bother it takes to get a degree from an accredited institution? Diplomas from those same schools can be bought for $30 bucks.No one is turned down.

Cowboy English teachers, who quit school to travel around the world, or for whatever reason just didn't dig school, and buy these"non-traditional" degrees, I have no beef with (as long as they don't "enroll" at Kha San University and "become" a Dentist)- A machine says “I was only following orders. It only does what it was programmed to do. That's walking the painted line, finishing school.

Beasting out on degree and transcripts has replaced stamps and coin collecting as the hobby of choice for the Lonely Planet crowd. Although I couldn't find a hazmat Truckers card, this makes Alverado Avenue's Downtown Los Angeles, with its cheap green cards, fake SSN#'s and California Driver's license look like kindergarten.

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